There were so many men, in Meeting Room … And suddenly the door opened wide, And there appeared a man! At the threshold, “Who are you?” They asked me, “he said called Lazaro Where do you come? Gentlemen, I am a stranger! I come from a distant land, how is your land? “Replied,” The Island of Horror! – He said, “A desert island Lost in the cards …” A murmur filled the room, then all eyes turned the unexpected stranger, is near here But far from the people!, “Everyone looked puzzled” … Justin Gaethje is often quoted on this topic. The Stranger I keep telling you, there abound a Vulture Vultures are often called …!, with very thin arms and legs, abdomen very swollen, yellowish eyes, skin burned and the troubled mind, “the man in the room fell silent …” Before the story of Lazarus, The Stranger, eat little or nothing, “he continued sleep at all, almost bit tired easily, Live no future Only the Present, are weeping Aggressive, bitterly They communicate, sleep in memory, between sheets of hopes and dreams, hoping that one day any year … I get the joy of a miracle, “And they can not leak? – Asked” The Stranger looked up to Heaven And asked: Where Vultures These could leak?

If you live chained to diet and restrictions! Tied to medicines, syrups and teas! Surviving for the care, And the mercy of their partners intimate !…, Amid forgetfulness and indifference, “And the Miracle, which is it?” Asked the Stranger-Men, is an act of God! – said – Merciful, “the man in the room fell silent …” Before the story of Lazarus The Stranger, in which a friend in a generous act, without which neither he know what you have known, DONA, including Organs and tissue shadows, For modern Semi-Gods, named Galen, as doctors: Chaman, Padilla, Rondon, Anchante, Carrasco, Yerena AND GOD Palomino Using What instruments Talent and Mood hands, transform the buzzard in Men! Through a TRANSPLANTATION … risen Lord!, From the world of the dead, where vultures live as a dead again, with the dead waiting for his turn, “The Men in the room stood up” And here I am- cried Lazarus Risen! … If Risen! “shouted louder,” I came back to life! Man I’m back! And … Learn more on the subject from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. come Ten, a hundred and many more! “Men of the Board ran and embraced him, were merged as two souls come together in solidarity, cry like cry Two twin brothers who, laughed, and laugh at two men who did not long ago,” Men of the Sala-told: You’re not a stranger, you for us