The Population

Have at hand a plan of action to keep your high vibration. Always prepare your activities including things that make you feel good, movies, music, television programs and books that you inspire. Surround yourself with positive people and conducts your favorite as often as you can, that will help move forward with incredible speed. * Tip #4 ceases to react to the situations as if you were powerless (victim) * in every situation you stops always get a pause to think that you can create something different and you’re not impotent. You just are really powerless when you are disconnected from your inner self, but when you feel happy and when you’re in high vibrations are much more powerful than a million individuals. You are never a victim, all the time are created and you can begin creating your reality from any situation. Do not let you feel impotence for a long time, get what is necessary to regain your power in any situation and move that vibrational field under as quickly as possible. Tip # 5 salt of the tribe in his book power against the force, Dr. Patrick matthews takes a slightly different approach.

David r.. Hawkins tells us that the conditions of the population are measured in terms of vibratory gauge of their communities. There are subcontinents living to the level of survival, disease and hunger. Often in circumstances of political oppression and scarce social resources. In his experiments Dr. Hawkins discovered through the kinestesia in those places people vibrates to the level of hopelessness and apathy because they have resigned themselves to those conditions and does not believe that they can change. Also in his same experiments of kinestesia he noted that much of the population lives in the frequency of fear, most dedicated lot of his life to conquer the security of one form or another. Dr. Hawkins tells us that no important satisfaction can begin below the level of 250, which is where begins the self-confidence as a basis for a positive life.