Visible Reality

But what's the difference? Why our world is not real? Where is this evident? To this see, you need to understand how and what we perceive. Perception of reality we have already talked about that just as with animals we have senses of reality, or feelings. But the problem is that our five sources of information have a limited range of perception. From school physics course, we know that our senses are septenary range information. Remember the rainbow? This is a vision that sees the light in the range from red to violet. Viktor Frankl has much experience in this field. Our hearing is not very good.

We hear a range of sounds from the notes 'to' notes to 'B'. The remaining three sensory organ also have a limit of information. And there is a reality which is beyond the boundary of perception our senses? Of course. Where is this evident? Of scientific data. We are well aware of these border states. Our devices are able to fix them up and use. In the visual range is the infrared and ultraviolet light.

And in sound, respectively, ultrasound and infrasound. This is also a reality, even if we did not catch. There are also people who are able to perceive beyond the boundary of everyday reality. It's all sorts of mediums and clairvoyants who watched these ultra infraspektry and is called the visible picture of their aura, biofield, etc. But how do you think there is a reality and abroad ultra infraspektrov? Of course there is! Although, even if we continue will push the boundaries of his perception, it is still not going to see a full, real world.