What Is Call-by-call?

At the call-by-call process, each call is billed separately. The term comes from the English and means as much as a call for call. This sounds a little confusing, is little but ultimately easy to explain. The owner of a telephone connection on the phone one with the help of low-cost prior to the actual phone number area code. More and more customers use this service, because cheap calls is increasingly on the rise. Click Glenn Dubin, New York City for additional related pages. You can ban anyone of course, because in this day and age everyone wants to keep somehow together his money. Unlike a phone flat, which has a fixed monthly price, each call is billed at the call-by-call process individually.

This means that a customer has a collection of call-by-call made calls on his monthly statement. Sometimes, the customer will be visibly pleased, because here, some costs can be reduced up to 50%. This pays especially for people who do not often make calls. The call-by-call service was launched at a time in life, since deutsche Telekom in Germany was still the so-called monopoly. Grant holders should have the opportunity to make cheap phone calls. The competition herewith in swing, actually I was the ulterior motive, to be able to move the Telecom to cut costs.

With the years also Deutsche Telekom, through the many favorable provider heard ahead driven, cut prices, but remains the most expensive suppliers in the telecommunications industry. Here, by the way, note that the call-by-call method only in conjunction with a connection at Deutsche Telekom is possible, other operators do not have this option in their offer, but usually usually so low that this is also not necessary. Information, can be found on the relevant Web pages. But not all operators can be used with a complete offer.