Social Life And Law

" Law is "the set of rules governing Coercible social life," said ABELARDO TORRE. GEORGES RENARD, cited by Pacheco, said that "positive law is a perpetual becoming: the order tends toward perfection without ever stopping. Natural law is the direction of this evolution, a movement is defined by the purpose for which it tends. Then , positive law, ie, the order must be defined by natural, that is justice. " Rosmini concluded that the law is "a right to do what we please under the protection of the moral law" 16. Leon Duguit prefers to define the rule of law and there is its central idea on the right: "The rule of law is a line of conduct imposed on individuals who live in society, rule whose observance is considered at a given time for a social group, including securing the common interest and violation of which brings the collective reaction against the perpetrator of the violation "17. JULIEN BONNECASE, in its proposal for "comprehensive sense of the term" defined as "the set of external rules of conduct, or not expressly set forth by law in the generic sense of the term, effectively ensuring a given medium and a given time the realization of social harmony on the basis of individual and collective aspirations on the one hand, and, secondly, on a conception, that is imprecise, the concept of law. " Professor AUGUSTO GONZALEZ RAMIREZ, of whom we have mentioned several times his interesting book entitled Introduction to Law, made a conclusion which we quote: "In consideration foregoing transcript, for the limited purposes of this text and ignoring the real sources of law, one can attempt a formal definition of it, ie from the objective point of view, which would be formulated as follows: "Science that deals with the whole mandatory rules governing interpersonal reactions to successful and equitable supply the needs of individuals and ensure justice and social harmony.