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The new TV and radio production facility is an ideal central point, to spread religious and humanitarian information of the Scientology Church in the whole world, the Scientology Church International was delighted to have acquired the historic and heritage-listed Studio site of the largest, independent public television station of KCET, the country. The 4.5 hectare (45,000 square meters) TV production centre Boulevard’s W. sunset in a perfect location in Hollywood the 4401. The size of the studios is also excellently suitable for the expansion of its own religious and social production. The highly modern studios are not far from the headquarters of the Scientology Church in Los Angeles. You are only a few kilometres away from the main church and only a few blocks from the existing recording studio in Silver Lake. The Scientology Church International has already produced several hundred videos in the audiovisual sector in their own studios. Including over 400 information videos about the Scientology religion, which Objectives, faith, social and humanitarian programs on the inform and enlighten.

The production facility is a very modern facility. The building is subjected to even a professional renovation before the production of TV, radio and the Internet can start. The church now has to inform people around the world about their religion through the media of radio and television, as well as on the many social and humanitarian programs that actively supports them. The new production facility is therefore an ideal central point, so that the information in the whole world can be disseminated. The new studios are used as a central hub and as a professional medium for the entire network of established churches all over the world.

With the help of the existing satellite uplinks, the Scientology Church International offers immediate access to a wealth of content all of the affiliated churches and missions worldwide. They are generally sent quality in high definition. All six major international Events of the Church, as well as new education and introductory films, also video updates, the Scientology will provide in the future Church of the public all over the world. The new Studios now to be one of the most modern centers of religious TV and radio channels allow the Scientology Church International. State of the art technology and broadcasting technology is used, so that the religious messages can be offered to a large international audience in high quality. Thus the Scientology Church International has won a State of the art radio and TV production facility to do so. The existing golden era productions of approx. 500 hectares size outside containing several recording studios, editing and editing stations, as well as numerous music studios of Los Angeles, is the production information and educational films used to. To full production its own television Scientology will confine its church still to short films, which provide information on the religious and charitable purposes of the Scientology Church be. Information, when and on what channel future Scientology via TV, radio and Internet TV to reach will be, will be announced once production is underway. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V. On behalf of the Scientology Church Germany e.V. contact: Uta Eilzer, be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX. 089-38607-109 E-mail: WEB:

ArtLab Studios Makes Digital Printing

ArtLab Studios on the digi: media hosted by the digital technology it comes down to things to bring together, Francois Martin, marketing director graphic solutions business at HP. Things bring together this concept also ArtLab Studios opts for digi: media 2011 to once again for Hewlett Packard in the Act. For the staging of the digital portfolio of HP, the Berlin-based company arranged the interplay of design, management, and innovative technology. Our constant aim is to develop innovative and creative solutions in order to experience the diversity of the technology by HP, says Eric Veenstra, founder and Creative Director of ArtLab Studios. The complex workflows of digital pressure should be perceptible to the public in their entire history. In mastering this challenge, the competence team benefits from its now 16 experience in cooperation with Hewlett-Packard. In addition, Messe Dusseldorf for ArtLab is a domestic stage Studios thanks to the successful staging of a number of Fairs the ArtLab moves Studios team on familiar ground. Together with partners from software and print finishing, Hewlett Packard presented on the digi: media be entire graphic solutions business portfolio and gives as a foretaste of the drupa 2012. info:

Cera Wax Opens First Waxing Studio

Among the well-wishers at the North Street also Mayor Frank Balzer (CDU). 300 curious Reinickendofer praise loving decor and friendly Depiladoras. Exactly one week ago, Janine Ludwig (31) has opened its first waxing Studio in Berlin-Reinickendorf in the North. Since then, the cera wax Chief has welcomed more than 300 curious spot. The first customers enjoy especially the short distances to their Brazilian waxing. There were many compliments for the sympathetic Depiladoras and loving decor. About a prominent visitors on opening day Ludwig was pleased particularly: among the well-wishers was also the Reinickendorfer Mayor Frank Balzer.

Surprising visit Ludwig discovered a familiar face among the many well-wishers on the opening day at 12 o’clock. Unannounced district mayor Frank Balzer came by, expressing his congratulations to the opening. Balzers visit sees Ludwig as recognition for their courageous step in the independence and confirmation of the marketing work: we offer all customers flexible walk-in-service without appointment. That of even the Mayor has gotten something with, makes courage for the next few months.” Customers praise the feel good atmosphere at cera wax owner Ludwig has shown against their team for half a year of the opening. Now she is pleased about the first reactions: our first customers feel. The great feedback to the interior design and our processes shows that many work has paid off.” Turquoise walls, high-quality satellite Brown furniture and numerous details create a pleasant atmosphere in the Studio. The busy 4 Professional Depiladoras have significant share of it.

Their experience guarantees a qualified advice and an optimal result of waxing. Cera wax waxing in Berlin. Cera wax is the specialist for waxing in Berlin. In the Studio in the North, experienced Depiladoras provide a pleasant and thorough waxing. The Studio is certified with the German hygienic certification and offers the traditional hair removal Warm wax. And thanks to the flexible walk-in services without appointment. Thank you for your publication. For more information see. Contact: cera wax INH. Janine Ludwig North Street Oraniendamm 10-6 13469 Berlin T 03040396993