New Year

Incidentally, the last option would be a great gift for family Your friends at New Year or Christmas. Means for body care products for moms, relaxing or toning bath foam for the pope and all kinds of natural salts and soaps, made in the form of various figures for the baby. All Satisfaction Guaranteed! And it is quite possible to give the newlyweds a wedding gift set. But, given that set of dishes, towels, and all such "home-for family," he Nadaraya abound, make your gift basket original. For example, purchase a gift set for a massage. Put the book back on a massage cream, essential oils (the best bet on a sensual scents) and a number of applicators. Please be assured that such a gift for the young spouse will thank you with much passion.

And not so long ago appeared with soap loofah (natural bast) is a perfect gift for those who go on vacation. This soap in the road beautician removes the need for take a sponge, but it washes fine skin, clearing it from the most stubborn dirt, allowing the extracts of natural herbs and fruits is better absorbed. Gift set for men, too, you can easily make out beauty of natural resources, especially if he likes to go to the sauna or steam bath Russian. Solid scrub of such a set, filled with aroma of pine needles and pine buds containing sea salt and natural essential oils perfectly clear skin, preparing it for the burning broom massage.

Alcohol And Exercise

How and how much alcohol can affect when you exercise and try to lose weight.On Friday afternoon after leaving the job, you probably think of exit for a few drinks with friends to relax and rest. You may think that you deserve to get out and enjoy a few drinks, only that, there are some things you should know. If you’ve decided to exercise regularly, a few drinks of alcohol really can do you nothing, right? Before deciding to go to the local bar, there are some things then you should think about before making your choice about leaving to drink a little alcohol.Research has shown that even small amounts of alcohol cause muscle hardening and loss of strength. After 20 minutes or so, problems begin to experience is. All the secondary negative effects associated with alcohol outweigh the potential benefits that you may have to remove the alcohol sweating.No matter how see you, alcohol is a poison that can really damage your body if you aren’t careful. The negative side of the alcohol: can reduce strength, strength, aerobic capacity, cardiac recovery, the ability to metabolize fat and even muscle growth.

Alcohol also has a negative effect on the nervous system and the brain. Their consumption in the long term, may cause severe impairment of the central nervous system. Even in the short term, the interaction nerve muscle can be reduced, resulting in a loss of continuous force.GET FUERZAEl regular alcohol consumption causes the inflammation of muscle cells. Over time, some of these cells that have been damaged may die, resulting in a deficit of contractions muscle, important for maintaining healthy muscles. Drinking alcohol also causes more pain in muscles after exercise, which means that it will take you much more time to retrieve you.Alcohol also has many different effects in your heart and circulatory system. When any type of alcohol is taken, it begins one reduction in cardiac resilience.On the other hand, causes digestive problems, as well as nutrition issues. Alcohol causes a release of insulin which increases the metabolism of glycogen, which makes the FAT becomes harder. Due to the interference of the alcohol with the absorption of several essential nutrients, it can cause anemia and a deficiency in vitamins type B.Debido that the liver is the organ that will detoxify the alcohol, more drinking, more difficult will be to the liver remove toxins.

This double effort of the liver can cause serious damage and even destroy some of their cells.Since alcohol is a diuretic, drinking large amounts can duplicate the work of the kidneys. During the diuretic action, the hormones are secreted and this can lead to a greater water retention and to who exercises it won’t happen.If you want to drink alcohol, do so sparingly and never drink before exercising, since this affects your balance, coordination, and also judgment. Think about your health and how to exercise and you will begin to see things from a new perspective.

Find Out About The Diet Of Soup Of Cabbage

You may have heard of it, but you don’t know what it is. First, let me tell you the diet involves eating things other than cabbage soup, so don’t worry about that. Is the cabbage soup diet a fad diet? Yes, it can be considered that way by their characteristics but, if you know how to use it, you can begin your weight loss in a good way without pills to lose weight. Some critics say that the cabbage soup diet is unhealthy and does not provide you sufficient fat and calories. Remember, however, that only assumes that you follow this diet for a week, not forever.

That will not do you harm. Following the cabbage soup diet basics: 1st day you can eat soup plus any kind of fruit, except bananas. 2nd day you can eat raw or cooked vegetables with the exception of dry beans, peas and corn. A good choice for dinner would be a baked potato filled with butter. 3rd day meal of the first and second day excluding the baked potato.

4th day eat only bananas and drink skim milk. You can eat so much as 8 bananas and the same amount of skim milk, as well as the cabbage soup. 5th day should eat between 10 oz. And 20 oz. of meat and up to 6 fresh tomatoes. In addition, make sure you take between 6-8 cups of water so the uric acid to drain from your body. You should also eat a serving of soup. If you wish, you can substitute beef by broiling or baking the skinless chicken. 6th day eat as much meat and vegetables as you want. Today there are no limits for these meals. Just make sure you eat a serving of soup and not commas a baked potato. 7th day you can eat brown rice, fruit and vegetables unsweetened juices and a portion of the soup. This diet could be a fad diet but also has many benefits, including the following: you don’t have to buy food or expensive supplements. Eat less white bread and desserts is good for you. Eat less usually makes people feel better. You can lose up to 10 pounds in a week. Lose weight with cabbage soup diet will inspire you to eat and live better and in a more healthy way.