Managing Director Marianne Wilmsmeier

coretelligence study: No thinking spaces due to the time pressures in everyday business and high flood of information Fachbereichsverantwortlichen in the German companies have too little time for conceptual thought. Bad Oeynhausen/11.10.2010 – the Fachbereichsverantwortlichen in the German companies have too little time for conceptual thought. Ever it is many in their job its own opinion on the necessary conditions about the daily routine tasks, sufficiently the further development of the scope of their responsibility to deal with. Click Dr. John Mcdougall to learn more. As a result they see after a survey of business consulting coretelligence more than 300 managers in the second and third level of the hierarchy their own value proposition for the employer significantly restricted. Among the other negative consequences are that she can plan enough not innovative and bother with decision uncertainty. The survey according to consist only in every fifth case in time and otherwise favourable conditions for the conceptual Tasks. Another 17 percent of business managers are also satisfied with some smears. The great majority barely sufficient for creative thought conditions.

Either they are not (41 percent) according to the respondents, or only very limited (20 percent) possible. Cause more than two-thirds of business managers cite as the costs of the day-to-day business. Almost as many also complain that they must process a high tide of information. Who rushes to the other and then still side with abstract reports and an abundance of figures must deal a meeting or where they are not even precisely can select between important and unimportant information, lacking necessarily thinking spaces”, judge coretelligence Managing Director Marianne Wilmsmeier. The business leaders are pressed in a fixed pattern of behavior, so that they can use their intellectual potential not enough.” So is possibly also to understand that in the survey 53% criticize, that there is no adequate thinking atmosphere in the job environment. Still more even see also no incentives to place creatively in the stuff: you think own approaches in the enterprise are anyway not sufficiently rewarded.

Rhetoric Training

In an intensive training with the experts on emotional rhetoric sellers and managers train, to inspire people with words. “” Intense rhetoric: rhetoric for executives and sellers “is the title of an intense workout, the the author of the book so you’re talking to the top: language as a success” Ingo Vogel, Esslingen, in Stuttgart, Germany, March 2-4. performs. The participants of the emotional rhetoric experts learn seminar 2,5-tagigem in the”, as their audience with words for themselves as well as their proposals and ideas inspire, for example in sales calls, employee meetings and presentations. If you are not convinced, visit James A. Levine, M.D.. Just who in a good mood is, is good.” “So, a thesis by bird, is the also the best-selling top emotional selling: the 7 Secrets of the top seller” wrote. Therefore, participants in the intensive training, including train to put in a good mood before important discussions. Another successful speaker, success secret Executives and sellers is: you speak very active and imaginative, emotionally appealing to their listeners. “” So they integrate in their statements as often such magic words how fascinatingly beautiful”easily”or foolproof”, that their listeners to dream bring.

They also decorate their models with stories that give rise to images in the minds of their interlocutors and evoke positive emotions in them. The participants in the seminar learn how this goes. Another success feature of good speakers and seducer”is: they affect their audience of authentic and sovereign and thus trust inspire and convincing, because of their statements with their gestures and facial expressions are in harmony. How to achieve this correspondence between the spoken word and the body language, train the participants in role-playing games. These are video recorded and analyzed together. Also issues are discussed in detail in the training how: How I deal with stage fright? How entkrafte I glibly and confidently objections? And: what do I do if I lose the thread actually? Bird there the participants many simple, immediately actionable tips on how to save the desired sovereignty even in difficult situations. “Participation in the intensive training intense rhetoric: rhetoric for executives and sellers” in Stuttgart, 1990 euro (plus VAT) costs. More intensive trainings take place from 9 to 11 may in Berlin and again in Stuttgart, Germany from June 27 to 29. More info can be found at

Workplace Health Tips

Sustainable BGM in small businesses it is possible due to demographic change and ongoing shortage significantly long healthy to get the existing staff the operation. The positive consequences of the occupational health management (BGM) include reduced medical costs and absenteeism a better working environment and increased labour productivity so more and more employers introduce a BGM in their operation. To the efficient and long-term implementation of health promotion in the setting operation, is corresponding multifunctional know-how necessary, that can be implemented either by its own BGM experts or through cooperation with external specialists and networks in enterprises. Not the resources sustainable BGM in small farms possible just small and medium-sized companies is often alone optimally implement a BGM. Companies build a BGM will make with the new initiative of the German College for prevention and health ( and of the DSSV health at the workplace itself” support and qualification possibilities offered for BGM competent staff as well as health consultants and service providers in this area. These educational solutions, companies can qualify own professionals for BGM such as specialist for occupational health management”(Chamber of Commerce) or master of the DHfPG with a focus on BGM.

Specialist for BGM”the BSA-Akademie qualifies the participants to develop a holistic approach to the BGM quality assured and lasting into the organizational structure to implement. The study focus BGM in the master of prevention and health management of the German University qualified for the conception, management and implementation of projects and measures of workplace health promotion (WHP) and establishing a BGM in a company. Company Description BSA Academy: The BSA-Akademie is ISO certified and with ca. 130, 000 participants since 1983 a leading education provider in the market of the future prevention, fitness, and health. With the help of about 50 State approved courses career changers how fitness professionals can qualify individually: getting started in the industry succeed with B license “-Lehrgangen such as for fitness, training, nutrition and mental fitness.