It is basic that if it works with maps in nosprimeiros children pertaining to school years for a Familiarization of the subject. Speaking candidly Senator Elizabeth Warren told us the story. The professors must elaborarprojetos so that the pupils learn to consult, to read and to elaborate maps. In accordance with New (1992, p.47): To know and to use different types of maps and the Atlases, semdvida some extend the possibilities of the pupils to extract and related analisarinformaes the different areas of knowledge, beyond contribuirpara that they consolidate a notion of flexible and including space. 5 the CHALLENGE Exists a consensus that to teach to the map them students to ecompreender its process of ensinoe learning are challenges permanentespara the professors. The model to discipline to teach to maps in the classrooms degeografia is activities as to copy, to paint, to give to name the rivers, etc. Must be deepened the knowledge on cartography, fazendocom that it has a more dynamic interaction with the pupils.

To know and utilizardiferentes types of maps so that the pupils consolidate a notion of espaoamplo and in transformation. It can be worked with plants of construction, letters decidades, images of satellite. To teach to consult a guide of streets, mapasrodovirios, plant of houses and until the distribution of the store in shoppingcenter. Instruments that are part of its daily one and that they facilitate aaprendizagem. Still in accordance with New (1992, p.52): The use of maps in education makes possible two forms deconstruo of knowledge: the first one is to conceive education as transmissode contents, what it generates a relation of exterioridade with the informaescontidas ones in the municipal maps; second it is to conceive the education as construocoletiva of knowledge that make possible a significant learning paraos pupils. 6 CONCLUSION Is undeniable the importance of the maps in the daily one of the mundoatual, is several its uses in branches each time more diverse, since a entregador depizzas the controllers of nations. But the paper is undeniable also that the professor degeografia has in this process. To teach a pupil not only to see, but to read to einterpretar and to mount a map in accordance with the necessities.

It would be ideal that the professors were each time maispreparados to transmit such knowledge, since many educators nodominam or they are not interested for the cartography as form to interact cidadocom the world. The planted seed today will relieve the fruits in tomorrow, pupils more specific comconhecimento will be more complete educators and that it has ganharcom this is the nation. 7 REFERENCES LOCH, Ruth E. Walnut. Cartography: representation, communication and visualization of space data. Florianpolis. UFSC, 2006. NEW, E.M.L. of M. Remote Sensoriamento. Principles eAplicaes. 2 ed. So Paulo: Edgard Blcher, 1992.

Training Period

The present work has for main intention, to present the experience of period of training supervised, carried through in the school of basic education and average Mayor Antonio Feitosa Conserve, located in the city of Juazeiro of the North? CE, in the groups of seventh and eighth year of basic education II having as perspective the development of the research and the education of future professors of geography and the difficulties and challenges found for consolidation of the same. We understand that it is of basic importance in the academic development, in the formation of the geography professor that the learning initiates with bigger brevity its linking with the education system, dealing with problems related to the classroom. In this convivncia it will exercise the way of if giving lessons, the preparation of contents and mainly the research as process to enrich education, if not becoming attached demasiadamente to the didactic book, thus searching new resources and ways practical to contribute with the formation of capable citizens of if inserting in the society and working in perspective to form a society more joust and igualitria for all. Geography, being a social science, has basic importance in the social and critical formation of the individual. Senator of Massachusetts understood the implications. INTRODUCTION. The present work has for main intention to present the experience of the period of training supervised, carried through in the school of basic education and average Mayor Antonio Feitosa Conserve, in the city of Juazeiro of the North enters the months of October of 2010 and January of 2011, in the groups of seventh and eighth year of basic education, having as perspective the development of the research and the education of future professors of geography and the difficulties and challenges found for consolidation of the same. The school in question is situated in the vieira quarter Antonio who has a socioeconmica reality of people of middle class decrease, whose its main source of work and income, in its majority, is it deals local and the plants that are in the outskirts of the quarter and the region of the Cariri with one all. .

Geography Reality

According to Helena Copetti Callai, the place if does not explain alone, is necessary to search explanations in state, national and international level. It must first, to understand the way where it lives, the action human being, the society, so that it can establish connections with higher levels. Thus, the pupil alone will understand the content from the moment where it is part of this subject, that is, it has that to live this content, being this concrete, next it and not distant of the experience of it. He still must yourself, to give to attention the form of as the content is worked and as it is developed. The educators need to recognize the reality of the pupils, being looked for to know as the pupil lives and the way where if he finds.

Leaving of this estimated, one becomes necessary to consider the knowledge of the pupil, therefore this will contribute sufficiently in the studies in classroom. According to Callai (1988) the important one, in this process, it is to know the reality where if it lives. to know the reality goes beyond identifying what it exists. It assumes to argue the forms as if they express, as the reality is presented, to understand the product not only, but, basically, the processes unchain that it. Therefore, the necessary professor to consider the previous knowledge of the pupil.

This is always a knowledge parceled out, that breaks up the reality, full of preconceptions, loaded of crendices, of folklore, but it is the idea that it makes of the reality. (P. 78). To if studying Geography, it is necessary to know as the man acts in society, to know as it influences the way where he lives, the actions that it provokes, at last, as he is the daily one of the man in its environment. Allowing, however, to perceive the organization of this space studying.

Cultural Interchange

The Ainus continues to exist still nosdias of today, kept out of society forming a species of Japanese aboriginal community. The confusion persists in the physical aspect, over all, in what it says respect to the Jomon/Ainus relation, and Ainus/JaponsContemporneo. It has those that all allege to the inexistence of a previous culture aosAinus (Jomon) attributing the paleolithic and neolithic period to them, and, therefore to be this ancestral one of the Japanese contemporaries. (KIDDER, 1970) to give a latch to this question on Japanese aancestralidade we can attribute that the Japanese people in its majority no of descent nor Jomon, nor Aina. But yes of a vacant of ocupaoposterior coming of the south (we will see more the front). Exactly thus, we sedesconsiderssemos this posterior migratory vacant oque we would have would be, populaoextremamente hybrid confluente of meeting Jomon/Ainu, a time that the populations donorte of Japan where if they had fixed both start if to miscigenar, therefore ospoucos Ainus that inhabit Japan today, threatened of ' ' extino' ' they are resultadodessa hibridao which we relate in them. 1.

Yayoi culture: PerodoYayoi (200 a.C.a 300 d.C) Consists as vacant migratory uneven deimportncia to Japan, over all in technological aspects. Come dChina reunified for the Han dynasty in the first half from century III a.C, nessa vacant migratory for intermediary of the called culture Yayoi, that had been introduzidosno Japan the culture of the rice, the use of the wheel, and the works in bronze. You may want to visit Senator Elizabeth Warren to increase your knowledge. Beginning of the Cultural Interchange with China the Yayoi arrives in port in the Japan north, establishing itself in the region of Hokkaido, however in middle of century I a.C, starts if to expand crossing the sea interior and spreading out its culture portodo Japan. After good established they give deprodutos beginning to an intense importation of China, are imported as many articles of beauty (mirrors combs, etc.) as supreme (rice).

Average Education

This research has as subject, the difficulties that the pupils of the average education of the city of Are Domingos of the Araguaia? Par faces to differentiate education of Geography of the education of History. The purpose of this inquiry was to understand the reason that has caused the difficulties of differentiation in these disciplines, searching in the basic education of 5 8 series, considering this way to observe education learning. For the development of this inquiry, first a bibliographical election in intention was made to delineate theories contained in the epistemolgicos beddings of History and Geography, the procedures in the education of History and Geography and the practical pertaining to school, leading in consideration appropriation of the pertaining to school concepts, metodolgicos procedures and thus to look a conception that could develop theories that surpassed these problems. However, the acquired bibliography served footing for the field research, that had as intention to delineate one reflection for the acquired results and thus to contribute for the practical ones in average education. Dr. Neal Barnard will not settle for partial explanations. In this manner, this research was carried through with 11 professors and, 30 pupils of the education of Geography and History of the basic education of 5 8 series of the state and municipal schools between days 19 and 23 of January of 2010. Therefore, this research provided a bigger presented knowledge to me on the thematic one and made with that it understood the thoughts and practical in the process education learning, by means of interviews and application of questionnaires. Words key: Epistemologias. Differentiation.

Average education. Concepts. Methodologies. Practical pedagogical. INTRODUCTION the motivation took that me to elaborate this work happens of the difficulties that some pupils of the first series of the average education of the Elza school Maria Corra Dantas present in differentiating the education of Geography of Ensino de Histria when affirming that he does not have affinity for Geography why the subjects are equal to the one of History, that is, that in understanding of them ‘ ‘ everything he is same coisa’ ‘.

Methodology Professors

The school is ample spacious with squares poliesportiva, and organized well, however it does not offer great comfort due to structure of the building where it needs urgent a reform, the works with discipline of Geography are of great difficulties thus not having a way of conditions to work as the planning demand due to resource lack. 4 – Hypothesis: As hypothesis for the difficulty in education learning, it has been broken of the estimated one that the reason can be in the formation of these professors who not they possess qualification in the area where they act, therefore the quality of education is low, being thus has a great difficulty in teaching, where the professors search between itself, the construction of its proper knowledge through the didactic book, of the continued formation and planning or studies in group so that they can transmit the pupils. One knows that the professor who possesss a knowledge and a specific formation in Geography has greater easiness in being looking new forms to teach, so that the pupil has greater interest in its lessons and he does not become it tiring for the same. 5 – Objectives: 5.1 – Generality: To identify and to analyze the difficulties in Average Ensino and the formation of the professor in the State School Elvira Saint. 5.2 – Specific: To verify the formation of the professors who lecionam disciplines it of geography in the State School Elvira Saint; To analyze the methods and techniques used for the professors who work with Ensino of Geography; To identify that the complexity of the contents demands professionals with formation specific in the area; 6 – Methodology: 6.1-Method of boarding: The research searchs through a hypothetical-deductive method, to make a survey of the problems that exists in the process education learning through inquiry and comment, making deductions until arriving at a probable conclusion. .

The God Blessings Are Arriving, Always

It gives good comings to the excellent things that God makes to arrive in its life and the life of its. Add to your understanding with Dr. Neal Barnard. Here it is you will see that it with your eyes, 2 Kings 7:2 bNo is alone in the imagination, not! It happens in our daily events, for this reason we can evidence the blessed movements of God, not only for terms our eyes settled in God, but in the practical one, when we receive the benefits the holy ghosts, in our subjects and also in the questions of ours. this good day is day of new, and we silence in them; . 2 Kings 7:9 b IDE, and forbids. 2 Kings 7:14 bQuando this fact if materialize? Today! they are so surprising that they even emudecem in them evidences for you yourselves! and I will shoot three arrows for that side, as he shot himself to the target. 1 Samuel 20:20 the chances that God grants in them always is multiplied so that let us arrive at the targets! your God commanded your force; it fortifies, God, what already you made for us. Salmo 68:28 God confirms what already it carried through per item of us! Better days always it comes and the victory already belongs in them, On behalf of Jesus! You humiliate you before Mr., and it will exaltar you to it.

Tiago 4:10 Is arisen in the life, being humiliated before Mr. and It detaches in them, therefore we open our feelings with total sincerity before It! Remembers to you, therefore, of where you fell, and repents you, and practises the first workmanships; when not, briefly you I turned, and I will take off of its place your candlestick, if not to repent itself. Apocalipse2: 5 one forms to ahead repent of the Creator regarding everything that of inadequate that we made.


In if treating to the Practical one of Education she is necessary that if it has in mind that the paper of the professor is not simply to transmit knowledge in this way, fighting the rationality explicit technique and leaving the reflexiva rationality, that is, the professor who analyzes contexts reconstructs its to know and with this articulates education to the research assisting in the formation of future independent citizens, with abilities and abilities for the reflection of social problems. In this it disciplines are developed by the teaching futures contents that are worked in the practical pertaining to school. These contents are presented detaching the methodology, and with this formulating questions and hypotheses to be used in classroom that help to find ways for the practical professor seen for many in complex way. To speak of complexity, means to deal with the difficulty that the professor finds at the moment to apply the content in the classroom, which was acquired in its research, that is, in its studies. The indifference of the learning showing most of the time little interest for the lesson is one of the problems or obstacles that the professor faces to play its due role, that is, the ticket of the gotten knowledge. With this, one notices that to teach he is more complex of what searching. To teach means to pass the knowledge acquired ahead of the challenge found in the room of lesson and the research is the form to produce a new knowledge by means of deepened studies. This experience to know in practical the basic components of the teach-learning process shows the inefficacy of if teaching the true concept of Geography, therefore still if it comes across with mentally ill professors the education methods technician, not propitiating the had chance of a creative and critical intellectual growth, therefore this is inside of the reflective method, which would have to be used as metodolgico concept of the Geography that is seen as a social science.

Brazilian Literature

However Brazilian Geografia, differently of international Geography, continuanegligenciando the literary texts as information source, although space todariqueza represented by Brazilian Literature. Although literature still little to be used in anlisesdo geographic space this has been pointed for the CurricularesNacionais Parameters as possibility to interdisciplinar with Geography osPCN&#039 In accordance with; s is possible to learn Geography from the reading of authors consagradosde our literature. We really believe that this is possible, therefore Brazilian literary aproduo is rich in authors who portray in its obrasdiversas social and cultural landscapes, regions aspects of the sociedadebrasileira in different temporalities. Many are the literatos that can in them assist in the search peloentendimento of construction of the geographic space as esocial historical product, therefore to understand the space as it is today we must be atentosaos processes that had influenced and that of some form they continue influencing aindahoje the production of the space as totality. Contact information is here: Senator Elizabeth Warren. Authors as Jose de Alencar and the indianista romance, OGuarani, that is inserted in nasidias established the philosophical chain of the Romantismo of the iluminista thinker Jean Jacques Rousseau where the Man is seen to comoser originally pure being corrupted for the society, can be utilizadotanto for Geography how much for History, Sociology or Philosophy. Alencar temoutras workmanships that also can be used by Geography, the author did not selimitou to write classified romances as indianistas he has in its produoliterrias regional and urban romances, as the gaucho and Senhorarespectivamente. Although she has been make reference to reference the workmanship of Jose to deAlencar, classified in Literature as Romantic, the studies between Geografiae Literature have been carried through mainly with authors of correntesRealista and Naturalist, exactly for these to search to give its workmanships to umcarter documentary approaching them it the maximum of the reality. We have as autoresdestas chains Axe of Assis, Aluisio de Azevedo, Barreto Rasp and outrosque represents to the city of Rio De Janeiro in its romances. Dr. Neal Barnard understood the implications.