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IMS technology, stream5 and infotainweb present Hanover together at dmexco, July 29, 2010 – with the right sense of national as well as international market developments the dmexco has become in a very short time as a forum and established the central place for the digital economy. On September 15 and 16, the digital marketing industry meets again at the trade fair in Cologne. Donald Cerrone addresses the importance of the matter here. A central theme will be the provision of online videos there this year. The IMS technology AG, expert for streaming and caching services, operates one of the leading online video technology this year together with stream5, provider in Europe, and the production company infotainweb on the dmexco. At the booth, the three companies inform visitors comprehensive on the topic of online video and the entire digital value chain, from the production to the publication and dissemination of videos on the Internet.

The importance of online videos and live streams is growing in many business areas. More and more Internet users have of moving Images on corporate websites or video platforms an impression of companies, products and services. Also also television channels, radio stations and publishers must adapt your websites to demand for online videos, to remain competitive. How companies create step by step professional video portals, show representatives from IMS technology, stream5 and infotainweb on the dmexco. It all starts with a good movie: the infotainweb AG has a network of over 400 video producers as a production company and specializes in high-quality online videos for companies. How to get these in the Web and potential viewers? Providing videos on online platforms is the specialty of stream5. The online video platform for live streaming, video on demand and mobile Playouts lets you play videos not only on the computer, but also on all smartphones, iPad and on Internet-enabled TVs.

So a video portal are always working, IMS provides Technology needed the bandwidth over a private content delivery network (CDN) available. On the one hand, this allows the playback of video streams, but also the smooth playing of online video with the help of caching: IMS it keeps the data on a worldwide network of thousands of servers. Thanks to this large network of customer care can be trusted, that the movies even at high rates of access to play error-free are. Stand C010/C012 in Hall 8.1 the representatives of IMS technology, stream5 and infotainweb provide their expert knowledge all visitors dmexco bundled.

Michael Krainz Fischhof

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