Sharp start – the right way spent fuel waste, because the sharp pressing the gas pedal to the cylinders are fed large portions of the fuel. At low speeds you should not use overdrive, as the fuel consumption increases. It should be and also to avoid heavy braking, particularly in gasoline engines, where the jets through the idle sucked excess fuel. Continue to learn more with: Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. Therefore, always pay close attention to the situation on the road to clear speed at the right time. The following advice is to add life to the discomfort, but did not do for money? So if you want to be thrifty, you get closer to nature: the air conditioning off, he eats from 5 to 20% spent fuel, open the windows and enjoy the fresh air.

Maybe that's hotter and dirtier, but it will endure to the gas station in an emergency. And if you're afraid to sweat, but going to a place where you should be in full dress, just to carry any a spare shirt or jacket. Refuse tuning. Fashion drives – it is wonderful and something even useful, because the owner of the vehicle carefully begins to treat the appearance of car and follow him. But the wider drives, the more wind resistance they create, and this affects the fuel consumption. Try not to change the serial-wheel drive, especially if it is a long trip – a long journey from the effect the use of narrow wheels is very noticeable. Sluts spend more money on gasoline, thus sparing the driver must always carry out cleaning of the machine. The heavier the car, the more fuel it needs to to drag your good to strong wind resistance and eats a lot of fuel.

Paradoxically, but will save and driving an old car. Many people continue to actively use the old car, even if you have already bought a new one. And although new car more and more beautiful, she probably eats more fuel than the older baby. Although the old machine, and looks worse, but it will pass more. So do not throw away the old machine, which travels on the cheap fuel – it is still might be useful. One last tip that will dramatically reduce the cost of gasoline – not to go. Perhaps the proposal will seem silly, but agree that the less you drive, the less you spend gasoline. Drive in Finally, by bus, train, go on public transport. Use the chart carpool – Share a car for essential trips with family, friends and neighbors. Walking and cycling – this is the most good way to save both money and health. And every time before you jump in the car – often just to get to the bakery around the corner, – ask yourself, and I need to do to drive? For all necessary pay. And so, deciding to save fuel, you doom yourself to rare slow ride on an old car with the air conditioning off and pumped tires, which will give exactly the relief road to your back. But in the evening, reached home and took off his shirt soaked and then you can happily count the savings and buy them what they buy is usually frugal people – something inexpensive but useful.

New Bmw 1 Series – Know-how In Automotive Mode

BMW 1-Series is the know-how in the automotive and fashion designs of modern design. Just came out with a conveyor, this series has become the most visible and is completely different designs of car models. The guiding mark among similar car in its class. At the moment, the designers of the new BMW are developing a new front-wheel drive platform for the BMW 1 – series. However, it was stipulated that the next generation car will be done on already proven, rear wheel drive chassis. The new car will also leave a pre-existing body variations compact – a hatchback and coupe.

Together with the economical fuel consumption of this car is simply indispensable in the city. And if you suddenly wish to travel to a distant trip, the car will make this trip fast and comfortable. So you can enjoy not only the nature and attractions, but also can to assess the car itself. However, new modern BMW 1-Series is still on the market any time soon. It is expected that this will happen no earlier than 2011, but until that time until the new series and can survive minor changes and modifications.

Moreover, is currently a German car magazine published the first information about it. And apparently, the new series will continue to rear-wheel drive, and some of its characteristics still remain in sporty style. However, the German engineers will do everything possible and impossible so that engines were still cost effective in our difficult times. Specifications BMW 1 Series match the external appearance: powerful motor of 265 hp (this is the upper limit in its class) with a mass of 1200 kg car – is a pretty good result. Engines for installation on the new generation of the BMW 1-Series: 116i – 1,3 l Turbo, 136 hp 118i – 1,3 l Turbo, 177 hp 120i – 2,0 l Turbo, 218 hp 130i – 3,0 liter, 272 hp 135iS – 3,0 l Biturbo, 326 hp 118d – 2,0 l Turbo, 150 hp 120d – 2,0 l Turbo, 184 hp 123d – 2,0 l Biturbo, 211 hp To give you full control of the road, the BMW 1 Series car equipped with a fairly simple intuitive human control: the instrument panel without unnecessary frills, comfortable steering wheel, shift lever is also quite convenient. Modern navigation systems – make the short trip into a pleasant and comfortable ride. You should feel all the beauty and power of the German model. On According to the English edition of CAR is now the technical capabilities of the car will improve: gasoline engine will be the volume of 1.3 l, which is now 136 hp The volume of powertrains will appear under the hood on the BMW 118i car will be equipped with a new series of engines, ranging from nice little 4-cylinder 1.3 l volume. This motor is put on a modification of 116i and 118i, which are now equipped with a 1.6-liter and 2.0 liter engines. While the negotiated terms M1 release, which may be equipped with a 300-horsepower bi-turbo engine volume 3.0 liters. In the future it is expected that the market will and a hybrid electric version of the engine. Diesel models will have the following options: 118d – 150 hp, 120d – 184 hp and 123d – 211 hp Normal transmission will be a 6-speed manual, optional – 7-speed dual-clutch.