Treatment of oily dandruff dandruff accompanied Oily oily hair, greasy hair these (rich) to the touch, have a greasy appearance at one table spoon of contamination of onion juice mixed with 2 tablespoons of vodka. Use as a liniment before washing the head. Boil 50 grams of onion peel in 1 liter of boiled water, 20-30 minutes. Used for rinsing the hair after shampooing. I want to warn that the infusion of onion peel changing hair color, so the blonde does not recommend it use. One tablespoon of calendula blossoms pour 2 cups boiling water, leave for 30 minutes. Apply for rubbing. One table spoon of castor oil or burdock mixed with 10 tablespoons alcohol tincture of calendula (pharmacy preparation).

Rub 2 times a day to the scalp. Inflorescences calendula, burdock root minced – 2 tablespoons. 1 teaspoon of the mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water, boil for 20 minutes. The broth used for hair and rubbing opoloaskivaniya into the scalp two times a week. 100 g of nettle leaves to 0.5 liters and 0.5 liters of water vinegar. Simmer 30 minutes. After cooling the squeeze.

This broth to wash my hair before going to bed without soap (Bulgarian resort) one table spoon of nettle leaves to make a glass of boiled water, 1.5 hours, drain. After washing your hair dry and rub into the scalp infusion. Apply once a week. 30 g of nettle leaves, 30 g of leaves mother and stepmother, the rhizome of calamus – '20 6 tablespoons tablespoons mixture to boil for 10 minutes in 1 quart of water.


Why can not we cope with acne? It is difficult to say with certainty. Too much misunderstood in this matter, left unsaid, contradictory. Just yesterday, for example, believed that the appearance of acne blame for food. Today say it has nothing to do with it. And that tomorrow will say experts at – I think that God himself is unknown.

Even the name of this painful bumps than one. It is called a blackhead, a pimple is, the acne, the comedo. There are different versions and points of view acne, there is no unity among the experts. To date, about acne medicine, known only as follows. Who came up with Acne? When exactly will pimples on the body – It is not nobody knows. This can happen in 12 years, and 15, and older. It all depends on when the adolescent begins the process of puberty.

And it does not start at all at the same time. Back in the old saying fathers to children, they say, be patient, my son or daughter, pimples will then themselves. People wisdom is not far from the truth. In most cases, 20-25 years (again – roughly) acne disappear. By this time, puberty should already "ustakanilos", enter the labor regime and start to run like clockwork. In most cases, I repeat, is what happens. But, unfortunately, not at all. Someone eels trapped in a body to old age. Here it is appropriate to ask, mature-all teens, acne and for some reason there are only a few.

Health Maintenance

Better still maintain their health, and avoid driving situation to resort to medicine. As possible. Recommended supplements. Most of them are not registered and are not included in the directory drugs. The fact that "supplements" are not registered, nor are they in production and sales – is bad, and maybe this is a reason for the interest of the competent authorities. But the fact that they are not included in the catalog of medicinal drugs, it is, sorry, right! Because dietary supplements – dietary supplements to foods.

They are not a cure! Often heard the argument that: – All components can be found in drugstores at a much lower price. With this statement can not and will not argue, argue. It's pointless. Because, in my personal example, I know, it happens and there is the opposite. Buy "unknown that" some citizens, and they are absolutely right in refusing. But why "nobody knows what?" Who prevents ask a question, make inquiries via the Internet? Available sites of the companies of producers, distributors, official sites of the recording, and resolving systems. That is, if you wish, you can now find answers to almost every question. But all this, if there is desire! With regard to the topic of conversation on Badakhshan.

Not everyone, and hardly at all at least someone asked in the shops, or at markets, those of various products and their usefulness or harmfulness to health. The result of their eating prolonged in time, for years, decades? … Products, products, products.