Why can not we cope with acne? It is difficult to say with certainty. Too much misunderstood in this matter, left unsaid, contradictory. Just yesterday, for example, believed that the appearance of acne blame for food. Today say it has nothing to do with it. And that tomorrow will say experts at – I think that God himself is unknown.

Even the name of this painful bumps than one. It is called a blackhead, a pimple is, the acne, the comedo. There are different versions and points of view acne, there is no unity among the experts. To date, about acne medicine, known only as follows. Who came up with Acne? When exactly will pimples on the body – It is not nobody knows. This can happen in 12 years, and 15, and older. It all depends on when the adolescent begins the process of puberty.

And it does not start at all at the same time. Back in the old saying fathers to children, they say, be patient, my son or daughter, pimples will then themselves. People wisdom is not far from the truth. In most cases, 20-25 years (again – roughly) acne disappear. By this time, puberty should already "ustakanilos", enter the labor regime and start to run like clockwork. In most cases, I repeat, is what happens. But, unfortunately, not at all. Someone eels trapped in a body to old age. Here it is appropriate to ask, mature-all teens, acne and for some reason there are only a few.