Gastronomy In Madrid

After four years of life, it is now when the Piera restaurant has gotten really to be a restaurant of reference for the Madrilenian critic. It would be possible to be said that is one of the restaurants fashionable in the capital. maintains its splendid direction of room under the baton of Jorge Davila (rare avis in a world of the gastronomy dominated by cooks) and a granted cooking advising on a daily basis by ex- chef of Zalacan, the historical Urdiain Youngest child, but the kitchen has been undergoing some changes after the new incorporation, for only months, of the young person Javier Aranda of hardly 24 years. Not I arrived to know old stage, but impression gives that present, even though still of some slippings, goes in good way, if it considers of the difficulties that tolerates for chef so young, to take to an open restaurant every day and with an important volume of customer. But in Piera, more than in any other establishment, it is necessary to make a valuation general of the experience gastronomical.

and of their second on board Oscar Marks, that the position of sommelier by the absence of its Mario holder Garci’a occupied the night of our visit, makes of Piera a suitable place for the lovers of the exquisite service of room, so appreciated in Madrid. Perhaps with a small difference with respect to other sites. The elegant attention does not go accompanied of the habitual excess of reverences and pleitesa, sometimes exaggerated in this type of establishment. If I understand the words well of Jorge Davila, with Piera has chosen to do one House of High Food of Market (relatively moderate prices including), more than a great restaurant of High Gastronomy from Madrid to the use. Javier Aranda, native cook of a town of Toledo, finishes receiving in MadridFusin a special mention like second described in the contest of the Cook Revelation. One moves by the furnaces from his adolescence. Evidently he could not escape of his passage by Adolph, the emblematic restaurant of luxury in Toledo or the neighboring Hut, but he journeyed also by Ars Vivendi, Martin and Sant Celoni. An explicit menu does not exist in this house tasting but it is accepted without problem to serve to averages A rations a customer asks for who it, like for example for the professional public who filled the cheap restaurant in these days of gastronomical congress.

Psychotherapy, Excess Weight

The structure of fees, prescribed to reduce excess weight, usually consists of plants that are: a.. help to reduce appetite and b. a diuretic; in. have a purgative and laxative effect, reduce the level of city sugar in the blood, etc. increase the basal metabolic rate. Plants that reduce appetite, as a rule, have the ability to swell or to form mucus in the gastrointestinal tract. Through this action is enveloping the digestive tract and Stretching the walls of the stomach or intestines, which quickly generates a feeling of fullness. An example of such plants can be spirulina algae and fucus bubbly, flax seed, marshmallow root of the ordinary, angelica lekrstvennogo etc.

The expulsion from the body of excess fluid, which is usually found in adipose tissue, is achieved by the inclusion of charges of diuretic herbs. For example, a horsetail. In the old days women who are overweight, have recommended savor your food powder of dried horsetail. But we should remember that horsetail is contraindicated in acute diseases of the urinary tract. Similarly, the action has the controversy (or knot-grass).

As the soft diuretic may be bearberry (bear ears), cranberry leaf, burdock, Potentilla goose. Cleaning effect caused choleretic herbs wing, as well as possessing purgative action. By choleretic herbs include sand immortelle, corn columns, barberry ordinary dandelion, toadflax Common, tansy, thoroughwax kozeltselistnaya and others to the grass with laxative effects include buckthorn bark brittle rhineberry. These plants are recommended for atonic constipation. With spastic constipation recommended plants, which have antispasmodic effect: fragrant fennel, anise, ordinary, caraway seed. Plants that reduce blood sugar, in the first place shows people suffering from diabetes. But they do not hurt and those who do not have clinical illness impaired glucose tolerance. By lowering plants include shoots blueberry, blackberry fruit, leaf beans, artichoke, common lespedeza, Galegov drug, nettle, etc. Here is one of the recipes recommended by excess weight: Flaxseed Immortelle sandy (flowers) Buckthorn fragilis (bark) Horsetail Field (grass) Blueberries pine (shoots) Stinging nettle (herb), meadowsweet vyazolistny (flowers) Take equal parts of each plants. Mix one tablespoon of the mixture with the top pour 200 ml water. Withstand 15 minutes in a water bath. To defend for 30 minutes. Drain. Bring to the original volume. Prinmat 1 / 3 cup 3 times daily before meals for 30 minutes within 1.5-2 months.

ZKRD Donor

Stammzellspenderin from Cochem is a leukemia patient, the chance of healing 12 years has it, that the Stefan Morsch Foundation in Laubach started calling typing for a boy. More than 600 people settled at that time as unrelated help for leukemia and tumor patients’ register. (Not to be confused with Dr. Peter M. Wayne!). Martina Reichert of Cochem was one of them. Depending on the number of people typify themselves are, the sooner that can help a leukemia patient chance”, she thought at the time. Now she could give the chance a patient with a rising, to defeat the cancer of the blood. Leukemia is just one of the malignancies that may require a transfer of healthy blood stem cells in the event of an emergency. With the transplantation of stem cells, the patient gets a new red system his one chance at life, if chemotherapy or radiation treatments have not helped.

Such a transplant is possible but only if it enriches people like Martina are, the type to say: as the marrow in the Donor file are recorded. To be able to transplant stem cells, the tissue characteristics of donor and patient match. So while more than 20 million people are registered in the bone marrow and Stammzellspenderdateien as the Stefan Morsch Foundation – nevertheless it’s still a fluke when a matching donor is found for a patient. When Martina accumulates 12 years ago type left, a blood sample was taken from her less than a thimble full are now required. In the Foundation’s laboratory the tissue characteristics listed then determined and in the donor file. The German Central Register of the ZKRD these data can be compared from anonymized worldwide with the data of patients, whose last chance to living is a stem cell transplant. “As Martina Reichert now by the Stefan Morsch Foundation received message, that it is used as a donor, she was surprised: I was found I have moved several times and have never thought of that, also the Foundation to sign to me at all.” Such a situation means real detective work for the staff of the Foundation: about social networks, who knows who or Facebook or via the refrain is attempting to locate the donor again.


Health and beauty to the day of the sea on the 8th of June Berlin, May 24, 2011. The oceans cover over 70 percent of the surface of our Earth and its plants produced the biggest part of our oxygen. More than 300 years ago, an English physician discovered that people on the coast are healthier and live longer. Today, the research confirms that the salty sea breeze calms the respiratory tract, promotes blood circulation and can be particularly effective against allergy symptoms. Sea water has been known since time immemorial for its anti-inflammatory effects and accelerates the self-healing of the body. Sea salt contains many vital minerals such as zinc, magnesium and bromine.

It stimulates the hormone production and supports the skin’s regenerative powers. As peeling applied, it opens the pores and activates the skin’s moisture retention by the stimulation of Microcirculation. Algae supplement the positive effect of sea salt and can outwardly as well as inwardly are recommended. Applied as a pack, they have a detoxifying and firming effect on the skin, help to strengthen the connective tissue and stimulate the metabolism. In our hectic daily routine, RID algae so the body of pollutants and work revitalising. Therefore, the wellness trip organizer beauty24 opts for the powers of the sea and offers various treatments on the subject of sea-Wellness.

Sea salt oil peeling pleasant peeling dissolves dead Horn scales and clears the surface of the skin. The oil moisturizes and harmonises perfectly with the regenerative abilities of sea salt. Also, the salt through its zinc content can soothing effect and prevent skin irritation. Algae pack more info under go/14464056 by the wealth of important proteins and vitamins algae prove extremely useful, to streamline the connective tissue and to improve the appearance of skin visible. At PCRM you will find additional information. You purifying effect on the organism, relieve him of deposited pollutants and have the ability to strengthen the immune system. The algae can also help stress symptoms to counteract and raise one’s spirits. Relaxing bath enjoyment see more information go/14464056 with the Pearl Mussel extracts pure promises a bath with Pearl extract, which through their combination of minerals and proteins, pamper the skin and at the same time speed up your metabolism. The extract is regarded as a moisturizer and stimulates also important metabolic processes of the body. Further informations under go / 13273076 amber massage the gold of the Baltic Sea”has already long been known in alternative medicine and is increasingly used in the wellness area. From the depths of the sea, an action against a variety of diseases is said to ground amber and particularly in the form of precious oils helps to relieve rheumatism and joint pain. Go / 6058318 caviar further informations under power face treatment luxury relaxation offers a facial with extracts of caviar. Caviar as anti-aging remedies known since time immemorial. It strengthens the skin and effectively can their elasticity support. Valuable nutrients such as zinc, selenium and Silicon also help to prevent premature aging of the skin and soften the wrinkles.

Seaweed Spaghetti

It is an excellent ally for losing weight, anti-cellulite and stretch. * Kombu: Acts as a natural cleaner thanks to its content of acid algenico. It strengthens the intestinal system and is used as a natural remedy for colitis. Continue to learn more with: Harvard. It helps to maintain and restore a normal, both in cases of obesity and weight deficiency body weight. They are used to prepare a broth called dashi in oriental cooking.

His contribution of calcium, potassium, iron, and iodine is notable. * Fucus: It is known, used and valued by their celulite qualities and antiobesity. Your property of absorbing up to 6 times its weight in contact with water, produces an effect of satiety to augment its volume on the stomach. * Cochayuyo: It is a seaweed of great size that can reach 15 meters in length. Its appearance is very different from the majority of algae that are marketed. Its consistency is fleshy and firm. Its flavor is intense and its scent, like the alga, much reminds us to the sea. Highly recommended in diets for weight control.

On one side is rich in fiber (satiating effect and combat the) constipation), low in fat and high in iodine. Help control cholesterol, since its high fiber content drag part of cholesterol along with feces, contributing to reduce their levels in blood. * Nori: Is the Japanese term for a variety of purple, or red algae known and used for the preparation of sushi. Its color is blackish dries and green after cooking. They tend to sell in the form of similar to paper, thin and dry leaves. Dry and powdered nori is called aonori literally green nori, and is used as a spice in common such as the yakisoba and okonomiyaki dishes. It has the highest protein content and is excellent for weight loss. * Hijiki: Are very popular in the Japanese cuisine algae. Tiny branches, when they are soaked, they resemble the black noodles. The hijiki may be prepared in the form of stew, soups, puddings, etc. They help to eliminate the unwanted extra pounds. * Arame: Similar to Hijiki, with the difference that it is sweeter and less crunchy. It is a Brown seaweed of delicate taste and tender texture. It is very rich in calcium, phosphorus, iodine and vitamins A, B1 and B2. Raw are yellowish brown and blackish in colour when they are cooked. Combine well with tofu, vegetables and cooked with vegetables. It promotes blood circulation, improves muscle tone and helps us to lose weight. * Wakame: It has a pleasant taste and is used in the kitchen. It possesses remineralizing, detoxifying properties and help improve the secretions of the kidneys and liver. Provides vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iodine. You can also sprinkle it on their food. * Algae dulse: red colour, is more iron-rich algae which is recommended in cases of anemia. It has a high content of magnesium, potassium, iodine and phosphorus. It is the second richest in proteins, after nori. Smooth texture, acts as an antiseptic, to parasites and sanitising the intestinal flora. It is excellent source of iodine needed by the body for the treatment and prevention of thyroid. * Seaweed Spaghetti (Himanthalia elongata): active defenses and It regulates cholesterol. It serves to purify and rejuvenate the body, it is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Emphasizes its great wealth in assimilable iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C. source: more tips on diets and encontralos in beauty tips

What Is An Energy?

Energy-efficient homes are the new way to build a home. It can save money and at the same time the environment is protected. Energy refers to houses that are significantly lower than the average energy consumption of other houses. It is useful well above the statutory requirements for energy saving to have an economical housing in the future and to be prepared. The acquisition is worthwhile! Investment cost analysis shows that the purchase price is higher than in a conventional home buyers, the costs are equalised but quickly located and it is earned money with the House through its extremely high potential to save energy. Thus the initially higher costs throughout the service life are amortised. At the same time manages to make one of its own private interest in protecting our climate. Around 30% of the greenhouse gases caused by private households.

Through an energy he personally is reduced proportion of environmentally harmful substances. On this Web page are various information to the Building an Energiesparhauses to find. There are a number of ways you can equip energy possibilities for energy saving. The classic is a solar system on the roof of the building. Why should I pay for something for nothing there in abundance? In addition, is the construction of State-funded and thus reduces the cost of government subsidies. A household can save up to 60% energy with the help of a solar system.

Still, there is the possibility of a heat pump, which makes itself the energy of geothermal energy use to save on heating costs. But still the design of passive houses is best. It consumes almost no power and the traditional staggering energy costs are reduced to a minimum close to zero. Thus, enormous sums of money can be saved in the annual energy consumption of broadening these clever construction. Environmental protection is worth Finally, you can see that conventional homes do not meet modern guidelines and are often real energy waster. The thermal insulation is often rather sub optimally and not compare with an energy. Traditional houses prove while cheaper in the construction, but in the course of time, they bring enormous energy costs. Who is subsequently paid a lot twice and often more than necessary. Saving energy means conserving the environment! An ordinary house promoted numerous amounts of greenhouse gases into the air. Clearly protects the environment through the establishment of an Energiesparhauses money saving allows, and the emissions reduced.