. Miracles and some of its concepts What really it means a Miracle, what in the truth are a miracle, why have as much mystery concerning this so significant word in our lives, why have an excess of zeal for itself to say that this or what occurred was really a miracle or not, are always many questions and very little answers regarding this current and very controversial fact. With certainty everything this serves not to banalizar the miracle in its essence, therefore a miracle is something fascinating that it happens every day, more is not thus so simple as it can seem, the Church Catholic, for example, it has all special care in if to reveal regarding a miraculous, first fact it studies the case with much calm, prudence, respect and after to hear doctors, scientists and several other specialists in the subject, is that it goes then to pronounce itself giving its to seem. All we know that he has some stories, of miracles and spectacular cures in other churches and religions not ' ' Apostlicas catholics Romanas' ' that they are spread by the world all. Learn more on the subject from Glenn Dubin, New York City. We know that every day, the medias, such as: Spoken, televisionada, writing etc., even tell with certain normality these events. We find that when occurs something of extraordinary with the agent, then we think or we attribute as being a divine workmanship, who was a miracle or similar thing, but the miracle is something well deeper of what let us can imagine, is a odd experience without equal of the presence of God in our life in our way, that who is very only prepared spiritual can really say or even though to disclose itself regarding this extraordinary instant, magical inenarrvel being only it, together with our Creative The holy ghost. For these reasons many scholars attribute as ' ' milagre' ' , to a cause without clear explanation, suspension of the natural laws operated by supernatural force, as it was some thing, or better, an admirable fact, a fact rare, that cause admiration, wonder, prodigy. .


We should perhaps sometimes a little less knowledge and a little more experience God’s presence in life. There may be moments of silence, a time of prayer, can help. Because if there is not a minimum of silence, something that is given inside the heart can not even be heard and received. GM So basically, whatever our status or you lament about yourself and it looks and feels guilty and we can not release it ever, and that’s fucked up, and then so on. etc.. either we make the option of watching someone else.

Who is the central figure that we need to look? MA Psychologists say and leans on faith, it shows that faith is rooted in human experience. The day we turn to the other, to someone, to love and not simply to seek a thousand consolations, that day life has changed. This is reflected in family relations, in social relations. But the first to look at is the Christ. He, he came to us and he will teach us the way to go to the Father. If you look, you may find that it has followed a path that was quite confusing and not necessarily that we want! He came to forgive, he gets beaten, he came to give love, hatred, and he received injuries, injuries in hands, feet, in part, in the head, it was still unfair ! So it’s a little world upside down, this output itself is an entry into this world which at first sight is a world upside down.

Faith and Sanctity

Me it seems that for some preachers and ensinadores of this time, it does not have the perception that what counts in the received writings, either it, for the future things, as well as says the Holy Writs, here it is that in them is on the Christ who spoke: I GO AND COME BACK, data in if being hearing constantly that we can usufruct of the faith in this period land, then I have given emphasis to the next things, of the necessities and the consumption. I perceive that what really counts in accepting GOOD the NEWS is the hope of the engaged and future things, not yet lived. The doctor and where it works, does not have another function and purpose not to be to cure the physical diseases of the people, they do not exist for another thing. The church and its preachers would have the same to be in direction, that to only cure the diseases of the soul, after all it is of it that we will give it counts to the God. What we really count to the God in relation, devoid people of a so great mercy? To evidence that the account is our faith and in recognizing that we are dependents d? It, thus says the Holy Writs. for the faith to evidence that the writings are for the good of all, in accepting will lead them to the individual sanctity, thus also says the Holy Writs. There it is written that without faith in them is impossible to please the God and that without the sanctification nobody will have of guards, becomes essential to search to grow in the knowledge of the Word that in the ones of the cause to the faith and that leads in them to the repentance of our workmanships, which can making to distanciar in them of the sanctity and therefore of its presence.

Sacred Liturgy

The mercy or popular devotion is born in the bulge of this desire weaves of them in revealing its louvor and love the Virgin Mother of God and Ours. II Iniciemos our reflection taking the following Biblical ticket: ' ' While Jesus thus spoke, a woman raised of the multitude and said: Happy the womb brought that you and the seios that you amamentaram' ' (Lc 11, 27). This expression sprouted of a simple woman who was present in way of multitude. It is the manifestation of louvor that demonstrates espontaneidade, and is not, therefore, fruit of a calculated meditation demoradamente. It is, we would say, a simple immediate impulse e, in certain innocent way. It is in direction last expression of popular mercy. Let us see the following definition: ' ' Popular mercy is the way for which the Christianity if incarnates in the diverse cultures and if manifest in the life of the people.

It is treated, therefore of different cultural manifestations of private or communitarian character, that in the scope of the Christian faith if states not with the elements of the Sacred Liturgy, but through the peculiar forms, that they are born 0f the sort the people, of its etnia or cultura' ' (KRIEGER, 2005, P. 6). That is, the popular mercy has its cradle in the contact of the Church with the most varied cultures. Some not well informed people, or badly formed (we are attemped in saying, ' ' deformadas' '), they assume that the Church ' ' it does not see with good olhos' ' the popular mercy. This, absolutely, not it is truth! What the Church? how Mother who is? if she worries is with the education of its children. The basic principle for the education of the people, in what it refers to the popular devotion, if establishes in the following terms: The popular cult to the Virgin (as well as the too much saints), must take the fidiciary office to look at for God, to adore it e, at the same time, to awake the conscience of the love and the service to the next one.