Bath Mobile

Water damage with lots of patience to fix no matter whether mobile phone, digital camera or MP3 player the small technical companion are highly sensitive to water. Especially in the summer months, the danger is great that the devices make acquaintance with chlorinated water by hotel pools or with the cool waters of the local Lake. No matter whether the mishap under a Southern Sun or at home the Internet portal for the online price comparison is tips on how people can save their digital companions in such a case. The first and most important rule is: avoid short circuit! Only if the user immediately removed the battery, it minimizes the risk that the infiltrated water caused a short circuit. Then the SIM and memory cards should be taken from mobile phone, digital camera ( price/cameras/103) or an MP3 player. Following the restoration calls for patience. Two to three hours long, the user should blow dry carefully the affected device. While the technology never overheat.

It is most effective to let tepid air dry the hair dryer of about one meter distance. Also if the device initially dry at the end of this procedure, the person concerned should pack the unit for at least 24 hours in cotton wool, so that even the last remaining condensation is removed from the device. Strongly recommended is of dubious tips and tricks of various Internet forums. While it is indeed harmless to place the unit in uncooked rice and this removes even water, it leaves but ugly strength remains reluctant seen on expensive digital camera. The brute way to mobile phones or MP3 players in the oven is even more adventurous and dangerous at the same time. Rather, melt or explode the devices that the water escapes.