Famous Vegetables

Diet, known around the world: apple diet: one of the few diets, such as protein diet, which are ideally suited for people who want to lose a few pounds or to speed up your metabolism throughout the body. The essence of the diet is ridiculously simple: within a day or two to eat apples and nothing besides them. Do not be afraid that you will die of hunger. Sure, on the one hand, the apples have a low caloric content, but on the other they are rich in micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, in addition, they have a lot of fruit sugar. Do not forget that this diet is recommended for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. rice diet: raw cereals themselves extremely good for you. And if you're a fan of rice, this diet is right for you perfectly.

Rice diet lasts exactly one week for which you can get rid of two extra pounds. If it is compared to a vegetarian diet, the rice diet is not as strict. During the day, you can afford a low-fat vegetable soup, vegetable salads, fruits, nuts (in small quantities). The main condition – for breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, you must be boiled crude Fig. vegetable diet for many of us know that vegetables are extremely useful and essential for humans. Vegetable diet is better, of course start in the summer-autumn period, when the markets sell fresh vegetables.

The essence of the diet is to within 7 days, incidentally, a wine diet lasts about the same, use only vegetables (recommended for fresh, but fit and steamed). Also allowed to eat fruit. This excellent diet allows you to not only throw up to three kilograms of excess weight, but also cleans the body from cholesterol, and fiber will significantly improve the bowels. This diet is recommended to start all those who want to feel good. Here is a diet which over a short period of time will contribute to getting rid of excess weight, toxins from the body will withdraw and simply improve your health. Good luck!