Eat Food

Although argues that cats never lost its wild side it is true that our kittens, after centuries of domestication, have lost many of the traits that distinguish them as purely wild animals. However what many times overlooked with this process of domestication is cats are carnivores and that, although they have lost the instinct of self-reliance, they still need a nutrition adapted to their natural needs. In this sense a healthy cat should eat where the percentage of meat and its derivatives is very high, to the detriment of other ingredients that are not suitable for their nutritional needs. Obviously the domestic cat hunts not by what is the responsibility of the feline having these basic nutrients for a healthy development only its owner. The selection of food for cats thus becomes an obligation for those owners who want to take care of their cats. As we have said previously the cat is a carnivorous animal, so that your diet should be based on proteins and in the fats. Foods that do not contain a high percentage of these two elements are not appropriate. On the other hand nor is it advisable to feed our feline with leftovers or food that we have cooked for us.

Besides not being suitable for the nutritional needs of the cat, what we do is offer a hypercaloric food our pet which will make you gain weight and, if performed systematically, can lead to problems of obesity. In general it is essential that you choose a brand that produce food with a high percentage of meat and by-products associated to the detriment of cereals and other fillings. There is a wide variety of these marks usually included under the term holistic power (even some of them have a global vocation and offer all kinds of accessories for cats) just try which which is most like your kitten.

Three Cohorts Despicable Anxiety Depression And Nausea

These symptoms of profound physical and psychological problems rarely occur without other symptoms. Many people suffer from these symptoms without knowing the connection between them. For example, some people suffer chronic nausea for years, without knowing exactly which foods or allergies are the cause of the problem. The doctor can also perform several diagnostic before indicate anxiety or depression are the causes of nausea. But even so, it is incredibly difficult to know with accuracy and treat the cause of anxiety or depression.

However, there are many physical causes serious each of these three problems that need to be analyzed to be treated early. A study on a large scale noted that of those who suffer from gastrointestinal problems like nausea, more than 2/5 of them had not only suffered anxiety, but that they also had an underlying anxiety disorder. A still more surprising discovery was that about 1/4 of those who suffered gastrointestinal problems were clinically depressed. In simple terms to understand this relationship, that those who suffer nausea suffer three times the incidence of chronic anxiety than the rest of the population and 1.5 times the incidence of depression suffered by the rest of the population. How to overcome the problem in order to combat the anxiety, depression and nausea, you should really get to the root of the cause.

Meanwhile, learn how to analyze your thoughts honestly. In addition, ask your close friends what notice you. It reflects on your fears and how you can combat the fear. Think what saddens you and change your thoughts to avoid turning the sad thoughts. Learn how to recognize early symptoms of nausea and thinks if the anxiety or sadness can be the reason for them. Seek help if you think that these symptoms may be related to your case. Do not neglect the physical aspects of health. Many times people think that problems mental exist by themselves. Your brain is a physical entity. What you eat, physical activity you do and also think alters the physical development of your brain. This in turn impacts in your States of mood and thoughts. Avoid drugs. Follow a healthy, balanced diet that contains no stimulants. If you foul vertigo, try calm meditation and deep breathing from the abdomen. You drink excessive amounts of water during the day. Avoid sugary foods that increase anxiety and affect the hormonal levels of the brain. Sometimes only take care of your body lets you deal with mental problems and to solve them.

Innerarity Professor

In the relationships which are established as a consequence of the power appearing issues that have a strong dimension of Justice, such as the production and supply of food. But the matter expands with the gradual awareness that the consumer is obliged to examine their conduct in accordance with criteria of justice. Which also eats must take into consideration the value of Justice of what you eat, if it is produced with equity, if you damage the environment, if it puts at risk their own health and becomes therefore a burden for others, doing so responsibly examining its global implications. Improve the State of world food is not within reach of one only, of course, but neither of the great powers; political and economic authorities can not nothing without human beings, without consumers and their so-called everyday. The key is the transforming power of life styles.

The resignation to consume is not a practicable strategy of sustainability. What is reclaimed each time with more force is a modification of our lifestyle. In the debate on development sustainable consumers now occupy a central place; they are considered as true engines of any structural change to the extent that they have the possibility of doing politics with the shopping cart. Between 30% and 40% of environmental problems are caused, directly or indirectly, by dominant behavior in consumption. A great relevance to health and the environment has, for example, the high consumption of meat; the use of products frozen also pose serious effects on sustainability; many diseases and allergies are poor nutrition, especially which are linked to being overweight. Sustainable food has a clear ecological dimension. Buying food with possibility, traceability and seasonality criteria could mention in this regard.

Thus, for example, minimizes transport and regional economic circuits are strengthened. A quarter of domestic waste have their origin in the packaging of food. Recyclable containers or products with little packaging they contribute to significantly reduce the amount of waste and energy use. There is a counter-power information, incentives and tax penalties. In the same way that the policy requires citizens to its legitimation and the economy depends on ultimate behavior of shareholders and consumers, the daily practices of the Food Act about the power relations that constitute the complex world of food (and, in addition, the world in general). Within existing game spaces, our freedom to determine what and how we eat sets real limits to the industry and the policy. Eating habits allow the individual to set up the kind of life you want for themselves and change their relationship with the world. An improvement of the world, each of us, in the field of your eating behavior, can carry out invaluable but irreplaceable. Eating is today a global political act, a true revolutionary conspiracy. Our everyday decisions in this area set up worldwide, for better or worse.


* You must behave as though you are surrounded by important people for you and they look at you. In some families, the spouses have agreed in a conflict situation when is about to pour abuse opposing the warning of another and includes a tape recorder: everything that is said to remain on the film. * How much vocabulary is correct! There are other means. For example, – Chinese revenge. There is a story about how an evil Chinese feudal deprived of a poor peasant in the home and property, and family. Then the farmer went and avenged lord – hanged himself in front of his window. * The place I think is one of the most foolish and harmful superstitions, but in a good family option "Chinese revenge" is very out of place. For example, the wife is reading in the dark, and so spoil his poor eyesight (in this case agrees that it is wrong, but over and over again ) – well, I depriving reading itself.

For me it is – the flour. Or: Schur hit a a bike, it hurts her, she yells at him ("Why do not you look ), beats words. I want to hit her. It is impossible, but how to stop it? For each of its hit Shurik was strongly beat (really hard!) on the arm itself Had its effect, stopped. – Interruption of relations up to the total disregard of another. Termination of the relationship does not mean that they break, are always possible negotiations. Relations can be resumed at any time, as soon as the other spouse will stop conflict behavior and begin to live with respect for others. Naturally, the children of a broken relationship should not suffer.

In this part of the relationship is not interrupted, but only reduced to a purely formal and collaborative at the level of impersonal cooperation. She was the favorite, but was simply a woman with whom I, like anyone, just polite, but do not show her any interest or warmth. Love – turn off. * To have good relations under heavy guard, should be able to sometimes not like a loved one. – Demonstrative mirror. After warning his start acting the same methods, while offering at the same time to stop an outrage – one. Means effective, but dangerous! Problematic behavior and forms of protest against the conflict – is a complex and big topic, and to thoroughly understand it, of course, is not enough just reading books. Especially for those who want to learn to live without conflict and brilliantly cope with any complex issues of communication in the heart of practical psychology, "Sinton" We have created a wonderful course – Basic training: skill of communication. "