Taxation According To Estimate: Consequences Of Faulty Accounting

The firm Farooqui from Essen informed enters the tax office in the course of an audit which concluded that a company has significantly violated the principles of proper accounting with regard to formal or material, is entitled it and obliged to determine the basis of taxation by estimate. (Similarly see: patrick matthews). The Essen-based of taxation and accounting specialists of firm Forschner explain how it adverse, determination of the tax base comes to this for entrepreneurs. German law submits companies based their legal form and its corporate purpose, differently pronounced accounting obligations. Has to run a business, deficits in this area entail negative consequences his books after the legally formulated principles of proper accounting. Corporate taxation is determined from the results of the accounting. See more detailed opinions by reading what Eva Andersson-Dubin offers on the topic.. Get the financial authorities to consider that here deficiencies exist that do not allow a correct taxation, they are paused to make an estimate of the tax base a circumstance in which the tax burden over the results of proper accounting increases regularly. Add estimation by the financial authorities comes into question, if companies do not comply with their accounting and accountability. This is especially the case if not presented books, major shortcomings have or have a number of smaller deficits, but which suggest that the accounts as a whole not as properly can be assessed.

It belongs to the proper accounting in any case, all business operations running, fully and correctly to. Cash, for example, incorrectly recorded, this goes against the legal claim of the book’s leadership and is accordingly by the tax office punished. Basically, the financial authorities may discard formally correct accountancy if they have reasonable grounds, that this are materially inaccurate. Entrepreneurs should prevent an unfavourable tax estimate by the financial authorities in their own interests through the hiring of accounting and tax specialist. The Essen Office Farouk looks back on many years of practical experience in all aspects of proper accounting and taxation and is their clients with help and advice. Press contact firm Farooqui contact: Michael Forschner of certified public accountant and tax consultant Huyssenallee 52-56 45128 Essen Tel: 0201 245830 fax: 0201 2458350 email: Homepage:


Hypertension the new epidemic in Europe! High blood pressure is often considered to be harmless and may entail but dire consequences. If you have a high blood pressure regularly, should consult a doctor. You have high blood pressure if this repeated measures 140/90 mmHg or higher. Regular blood pressure measurement is where this should be done not too often because this higher blood pressure may be really useful. There are certain forms, on which you can record the blood pressure measured at regular intervals at the doctor’s Office. Also, you should note how often there are complaints and whether it has changed in recent times, or worse. Stress plays a major role in our timeframe, because he is often the trigger for a too high blood pressure and the consequences it triggered.

Who would like to reduce high blood pressure, should be abandoned according to this stress. High blood pressure can be inherited, it is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol or salt intake. Who takes themselves too little potassium, increases the Risk enormously as well as smoking cigarettes. Often the hypertension occurs, as high blood pressure is also called, relating to obesity and malnutrition. Who suffers from high blood pressure, can often feel a heart stinging or head piercing. It can cause dizziness, noise in the ears and other symptoms. Also a stroke, heart disease, diabetes, or high blood fat values arise from persistent high blood pressure. Regular sports can lower high blood pressure.

What to do for high blood pressure? Important this is ever moved, no matter in what form. If wheel drive, go dancing, swimming or dancing. The endurance sports must be carried out at least 20-30 minutes and should be in the low to middle range of pulse. It is important to slowly to start and not just to start. Healthy diet, low-salt food as well as weight reduction can lower high blood pressure. Medicines can be used well, to lower their high blood pressure. There are five main groups of medications are ACE inhibitors, AT1 antagonist, Diuretics, beta blockers and calcium channel blockers. The drug therapy must be checked regularly and adjusted. In most cases she must be carried over a lifetime. The causes of hypertension are unknown. Therefore, the medicines can reduce only the symptoms but never tackle the real problem. If you have read about Eva Andersson-Dubin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. That’s why must Bluthochdruckbeplagte a take the medication also last a lifetime. Fortunately, there are many means and measures, with the one again to high blood pressure in the get. Who wants to reduce hypertension naturally and in the long term, the need to change his usual life style.

Giro Accounts

Allowances as a better alternative to the piggy bank kids pocket money account have their money directly in the hands like that just so they can meet small wishes immediately and also starting to spend their pocket money. Up to a certain age, this is a good thing, because the little ones use a piggy bank in the best case and enjoy it when the piggy bank rattles and is getting heavier. In this way, the desire to save the children can be improved. As soon as the children become larger, also a so-called pocket money account is recommended, which is offered free of charge by most banks and credit institutions. Experts advise that such an account should be opened from the age of eight years at the earliest.

Children recognize the need of saving, for example, if greater wishes will be fulfilled. Also, they don’t come in the temptation to spend their pocket money immediately. Patrick matthews might disagree with that approach. With a pocket money, the children collect the first experiences in the cashless payments and at the same time they learn the Responsible with their pocket money. Not dangers in this account in principle because a is typically a completely free account and on the other the child can only have the amount, which is actually located on the account. Dispokredite, overdrafts or other loans are in principle excluded when an allowance account. Glenn Dubin, New York City will not settle for partial explanations. Checking account for students what began with a pocket money can be continued later with a student checking account, which can still be used even during the training period. Usually most of the banks and credit institutions offer free such an account, but only until the end of the training period, although this from Bank to Bank can vary.

The account holder is in training and has already completed 18 years of age, then it can happen also, that the Bank is already providing a first credit at a low height. At the same time it is also possible, that even a credit card to the Giro account, offered with the appropriate credit line depends on the current income of the trainees. The credit is for such a decision and decides the payment in the past. The same applies to other forms of loans, which the account holder is over 18 years old can claim. With such account the trainees can participate fully in cashless payment transactions, what but, at the same time some risks, because account holders often become trapped in debt. Experts recommend that children and adolescents should at an early stage to learn how to use money so that a possible debt spared them and they use only the Bank offers, which are actually portable. We introduce online free checking accounts for children and adults on current accounts.

Develop Effective Communication

You have some skills for effective communication are the key to improving your productivity and help give isused steps in his career and professional life. ons on the subject. No matter what your area of expertise you should be able to communicate with each other as this will be of great benefit to their chances of success. Even if you are shy by nature and prone to nervousness, there are some things you can do in order to achieve effective communication than trataeremos estashabiliades below. The keys to good communication begin by evaluating your personality and trying to find areas that protrudes and areas where you could have a certain communicative improvement. Maybe you have efictiva communication skills when it comes to gestures and body language, but it may lack a strong voice. Continue to learn more with: Donald Cerrone. Or maybe his voice is OK, but they tend to get very nervous and worry too much when you are in front of a group of people.

Why it is important that you know what areas you need to work this will give the opportunity of improve effective communication with others and their environment in generates. If you need is to develop your body language, you should begin by practicing in front of a mirror. You can make it look very silly, but you’ll soon discover that with this method, you will have the opportunity to closely examine how it works really. Eye contact is the first priority when it comes to establishing a relationship of effective communication with their listeners and partners, no matter if you are talking to your boss or is making a presentation to a room filled. Here the contact with the eyes gives the impression of competence and safety in itself, and make others to see sufficient security in oneself. Body language is also essential for effective communication. Instead of holding his arms crossed or hands in her lap, try to move much or as little as necessary so that it fits with the theme being addressed and the atmosphere of the room as which is exhibiting the item in question. Another way to achieve the skills for effective communication is the optimal development of your voice. Eva Andersson-Dubin is the source for more interesting facts.

Slow down, which gives the listener the feeling of serenity and confidence, and try to not sound monotonous. Put emotion in his words. You don’t have to shout or handle a strong tone, you must vary your tonality, and make sure that the volume used is appropriate for the size of the room and the topic they are covering. Not murmure, and do not use a vocabulary inadequate to the environment or to the Auditorium which is heading. Above all, effective communication skills are the result of achieving a great confidence in himself. Make sure that you feel good and confidence will shine and it will flow through him, this is the main advice to achieve this goal. Original author and source of the article

Eat To Lose Weight

Eating to lose weight all know that weight loss begins in the mouth.Nutrition determines how to eat to lose, and if you want to lose weight must follow a discipline and a diet that accompany it.So, what should you eat to lose weight? In order to lose weight healthily and long term is necessary to make a sensible, balanced diet with all main groups of foods, such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins, so everyone must be included in your diet, and may thus eat to lose weight.It is the quality of these nutrients that will determine your success or failure of a healthy silhouette. .And here is not a question of aesthetics and have a figure of a woman of 20 years or a top-level model, just about balance the metabolism knowing that nutritious foods are special for you, eat to lose is important that determine their metabolism and discover a healthy level for your body. People want to know how to stop being obese, or as being obese, depends on who this looking for lose weight. In both cases we will give some important to that data as ceasing to be obese and as stop being fat is not more taboo, women especially wonder as stop being fat, being this topic something psychologically potential when making a diet that reduces your weight. Add to your understanding with Glenn Dubin. Healthy foods protein you need to eat protein from lean sources, (beef and chicken, fish).In this way you will also receive your sources of protein without eating unnecessary fats.Good sources of protein include: tuna Salmon Clara of egg chicken breast Turkey beans lentils walnuts and almonds healthy carbohydrates carbohydrates are considered the enemy by many people who wish to lose weight, but this is not the case.The truth is that some carbs are good and others are bad.You need to eat complex carbohydrates from high quality to feel full and covered with grease.Carbohydrates are needed to not cut them too drastically during too time. These are some of the sources of good and healthy carbohydrates: rice wild potatoes sweet fruits and vegetables nuts of all kinds almonds whole-wheat flour bread all the pasta healthy fats fat is considered the enemy, of course, and is counterintuitive to believe that you need to eat fat to lose fat.But it is not less true: our body needs fat to function properly and function as expected.It is just a fact of life.Don’t make the mistake of eliminating fats from your diet. It will be counterproductive.These are some foods for healthy source of fat should you eat to lose weight or eat to lose: olive oil fish oil walnuts and flax seeds almond coconut oil as always, the key is moderation.Do not eat too much or too little of anything.Do that and you will lose weight. The following link of eating to lose weight just speaks of experience and effectiveness concerning discipline and the moderation helped by the food nutritious that we can eat in a healthy way, read it with attention and concentrate, anything to distract you will read, recommended reading it quiet in his spare time, it will be useful, that you enjoy your reading.. Justin Gaethje is full of insight into the issues.