Vorarlberger Training

The vital Academy has this summer is two innovations for all customers and interested parties. People who live in the West of Austria, had until now long journeys to undergo training at the Vitalakademie. Now also the Vorarlberger enjoy this innovative adult education institution virtually at our own doorstep. rporation-kt-kinetics-technology-spa-gtc-t/’>Technip FMC. In the fall, the two tried and tested training certified nutrition coach and certified fitness and health coach start in Bregenz. Glenn Dubin shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In addition, the certified beauty Advisor training is offered. The management of this training takes over our new Vorarlberg location manager Anita Godina.

More training opportunities follow from 2013. The Vitalakademie is aimed mainly according to the customer requirements. So anyone who has a concrete desire for training in Bregenz, should sign up be sure! New training for the new catalogue it was a lot of work, but it will pay off! “, like.” Mario Weingartler, Managing Director of the Vitalakademie. New and high-quality training presents the adult education Institute this summer. The new diploma courses include among other things the personal fitness and mental coach: with this training the participants will learn to combine sporting performance with mental training. the outdoor coach: Training combines the passion of outdoor sports with professional competence. “the expert on children’s health: an all-round education” for all those who care for children and support them, and promote the development. the social and professional educator: Thus the graduates become experts in the field of educational and labour market policy.

Trainer of kind of yoga are among the new short training the trainer: while the participants learn different types of Yoga (Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini). the hypnotist training: This course opens the far-reaching potential of hypnotic techniques in personal work. the coach of burn-out prevention: Thus the graduates become experts for successful stress reduction. the beauty consultants: A Beauty consultant helps men and women to develop their own personal style. This is just a small selection of the offered training. We are dealing with the needs of customers and develop the appropriate training “, like. Mario Weingartler about the success recipe of the Vitalakademie. Nationwide the Vitalakademie includes 28 training. Range of sports & fitness, nutrition, energetics, and psychology & pedagogy. Most training courses are part-time. So everyone can find something that wants to reorient professionally or simply only higher qualifying. Like the Vitalakademie. Karin Brandner Rainerstrasse 6-8, 4020 Linz Tel: + 43 (0) 732 60 70 86

Subscriber Acquisition Via Webinar

To use Webinars for the acquisition and maintenance, is a practice that is not common in Germany. While the interactive online event has so much to offer. Sindelfingen, March 2013 – marketer or sales man, everyone knows about: the ways to reach new and existing customers are diverse and far partially in the truest sense of the word. Not so with the webinar. What were once considered online training Webinar started = Web + seminar advanced today more and more become the real marketing tool in B2B communication.

Live and interactive to deliver content to an audience over the Internet offers enormous potential. dieleutefurkommunikation have summarized the advantages: additional service for improving customer loyalty new and eye-catching form of customer acquisition small cost by eliminating long journeys close-distance-mix with positive effect on prospective buyers when needed interactive exchange ability of the secondary exploitation as a continuous source of information why Webinar we rely on direct Especially with complex products, such as the IT industry, the Webinareinsatz and the worthwhile customer contact”not only for existing customers, but also in the channel. Because it creates a genuine alternative to present about developments or to provide additional support. The biggest advantage should be time and cost savings. New customers acquire as it comes via Webinar to the lead? Webinars are used to order, they must be content aligned to the target group.

It can be used, for example, industry focus and appropriate examples of users involved. In the own product in the foreground should be set to never. It rather comes to create added value. Because only a theme, which, however, brings the Pain points of the target group on the point and promises solutions brings new contacts. Are you interested? Tips for practical implementation can be found in the check-list 1 x 1 of the webinar”: service/wissen-trends/das-1×1-des-webinars.html. About dieleutefurkommunikation dieleutefurkommunikation are the only target group Agency of in Germany. Since 1995, the owner-managed marketing agency headquartered in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart is specialized in B2B communication of market positioning to sales marketing. She advises worldwide global players such as SAP, IBM, Audi or VW, as well as many medium-sized companies in the entire roof area. As a B2B agency with editorial style, dieleutefurkommunikation align not only themes and content, but also communication and media consistently to the target group. The advantage for customers: a substantive close of their actions to the target group and thus a much higher relevance. 35 People, divided between the disciplines consulting/design/editing, graphic design, online/programming, project management and Office, offer a contemporary solution for B2B online marketing and B2B lead generation.

Medical Loans

The loans that are provided to people short of money in time of emergencies like surgery are known as medical loans for surgery. No. one knows when he has to face the health problem and require surgery. Lot of money is required for medical treatment. In the case of medical emergencies, people usually fall short of money. They are required to go for financial help from one or other means. The money is needed the surgery can be done instantly so that and the life can be saved. Medical bills and all the surgery expenses can be easily met without any hassle.

People can go for medical loans for surgery in case in immediate financial help. This will help them meet all the instant medical requirements very easily. People can get the medical loans for surgery from various financial institutions at competitive prices. Bills for medicines, room charges, surgery expenses everything can be easily met with these loans. They are really helpful in covering all sorts of profile. People generally go for health care insurance, but there are number of profile that are not covered under them.

Of benefits in case of medical emergencies with these lot thus, people get medical loans for surgery. The medical loans can be further categorized into secured and unsecured loans. The secured form of loan is available at low Council of interest. In these loans, people place some valuable asset as collateral against the loan amount availed. A loan seeker can avail the amount according to the value of the collateral placed. When nothing is placed as collateral against the loan amount availed, it is known as unsecured loan. The rate is generally high in the case of unsecured loans of interest. Repayment of the loans can be done in monthly installments. Medical treatments are really expensive and now, one didn ‘ t not to get worried about the money in case of medical emergencies. People can apply for the loan online from anywhere the money is required. Just fill up on online application with form all the required details. Once at application is submitted, the loan amount will be transferred into the borrower’s bank account instantly. Thus, if you are so looking for financial help in the case of medical emergencies like surgery, go for the medical loans for surgery. They are the real help in need. Simuels Jack is advisor of cosmetic surgery loans.

Cera Wax Opens First Waxing Studio

Among the well-wishers at the North Street also Mayor Frank Balzer (CDU). 300 curious Reinickendofer praise loving decor and friendly Depiladoras. Exactly one week ago, Janine Ludwig (31) has opened its first waxing Studio in Berlin-Reinickendorf in the North. Since then, the cera wax Chief has welcomed more than 300 curious spot. The first customers enjoy especially the short distances to their Brazilian waxing. There were many compliments for the sympathetic Depiladoras and loving decor. About a prominent visitors on opening day Ludwig was pleased particularly: among the well-wishers was also the Reinickendorfer Mayor Frank Balzer.

Surprising visit Ludwig discovered a familiar face among the many well-wishers on the opening day at 12 o’clock. Unannounced district mayor Frank Balzer came by, expressing his congratulations to the opening. Balzers visit sees Ludwig as recognition for their courageous step in the independence and confirmation of the marketing work: we offer all customers flexible walk-in-service without appointment. That of even the Mayor has gotten something with, makes courage for the next few months.” Customers praise the feel good atmosphere at cera wax owner Ludwig has shown against their team for half a year of the opening. Now she is pleased about the first reactions: our first customers feel. The great feedback to the interior design and our processes shows that many work has paid off.” Turquoise walls, high-quality satellite Brown furniture and numerous details create a pleasant atmosphere in the Studio. The busy 4 Professional Depiladoras have significant share of it.

Their experience guarantees a qualified advice and an optimal result of waxing. Cera wax waxing in Berlin. Cera wax is the specialist for waxing in Berlin. In the Studio in the North, experienced Depiladoras provide a pleasant and thorough waxing. The Studio is certified with the German hygienic certification and offers the traditional hair removal Warm wax. And thanks to the flexible walk-in services without appointment. Thank you for your publication. For more information see. Contact: cera wax INH. Janine Ludwig North Street Oraniendamm 10-6 13469 Berlin T 03040396993

Healthy Sleep

BioDorm, the brand of our products which Schaume on a natural basis manufactured bioDorm the first and only provider of mattresses is manufactured and sold at the same time at a sensationally low price, which foams on natural base. After extensive research and development, it is managed to bring us a unique range of high-quality cold foam mattresses with a biological core of nature on the market. BioDorm memory foam mattresses are manufactured on the basis of natural raw materials such as rubber, soya, Castor and rapeseed oil? Our motto is: natural and healthy sleeping at the highest level is affordable for everyone. bioDorm belongs to the new tree huggers”. We enter for contemporary consumption, which is organic, honest and fair, without compromising on modernity. We are pleasure-oriented and technology-friendly. We are not superficial but persistent low and no Flachwurzeler.

We know the consequences of our consumption and try this as low as possible and acceptable to hold. We spend a third of our lives in bed. Our goal is a healthy, natural and conscious sleep to improve the quality of the individual life. bioDorm takes very seriously its responsibility towards man and nature. bioDorm uses preferably natural raw materials and active ingredients. This provides on the one hand right at the beginning of the production chain for high-quality, natural ingredients and protects the environment on the other.

Conventional oil shares in the conventional chemical foaming process of a cold show mattress replaces up to 95 per cent in our natural raw materials. As a result, our mattresses have an excellent elasticity, durability and enhanced hygienic properties. BioDorm mattresses beneficial supplement Sund fragrances such as lavender and Swiss herbs make a special feel-good experience in a healthy environment. The use of natural and renewable resources is the environment and brings real nature in the bedroom. bioDorm the new enlightened thrilled as a pioneer in the field of sleep and Smart consumer generation. We meet this critical audience with a fundamentally changed consumer awareness and offer you adequate solutions: innovative sleep systems with best quality at attractive prices.


ELA presented its health center in Wolfsburg, Germany Volkswagen on the facility management 2013 since June to build around. For the period of the restoration work, the medical facilities in mobile PA systems are housed. The renovation will be completed in about six months. Until then, the ambulance with offices, sanitary facilities and treatment rooms is located in the temporary room solutions by ELA container. The 71 ELA premium rental container form a space of approximately 1,270 square meters. We had to deliver very quickly on this project,”so ELA project leader Matthias Hube. “ELA container features a fast delivery from we have Europe-wide bases and its own fleet of trucks, so that we quickly reach every place.” Planning, delivery and development of PA systems are made quickly and easily.

Depending on requirements, ELA equips the system with furniture, sanitary facilities, complete electrical installations and modern communication techniques. In addition to the usage as a health centre are the mobile spaces as transportation, storage, Workshop, Office, sleeping and sanitary containers are used. The ELA furniture pool offers more features such as intrusion secured doors, a vestibule and a complete electrical installation as well as tables, chairs and cabinets. The PA lock represents another safety aspect of mobile spaces. In addition, the polyurethane rigid foam insulation, as well as the integrated ventilation system in the Windows make for a pleasant and healthy room climate. To be even closer to its customers, ELA container services be presented also on all major national and international trade fairs. On the facility management 2013 from 26 to 28 February in Frankfurt am Main, ELA shows the possibilities of mobile room systems at the booth of 11.0 – A36.