Psychology And Quality Of Life

Why to make psycotherapy? Currently the world defies our balance. We need to have physical and psychological health to deal with a great variety of problems that modernity brings in them: Affective and social Stress in the work, problems in the school, problems. Nor always it is possible to deal with everything this alone. We lose our well-being when the weight of the problems is bigger of what we can support. Therefore the aid of a professional is so important. The Analytical Psycotherapy Comportamental a modality of Psycotherapy based on the Mannering Science, that has as estimated the fact of that the behavior is product of the relation between the individual and the environment. The work of the therapist, Analyst of the Behavior, is to discover with its customer the events of the environment that they determine and keeps a behavior problem. The Therapist understands that the customer is only, and its problems or difficulties are products of a particular history. This humaniza the therapy process, therefore inside understands each customer of its history of life. Scientific research severity in the collection of information, allied to the specific and proven techniques, makes of Mannering Therapy Analytical one of most efficient and with the benefits most lasting.

Terence Point

The instrument was corrected obeying some particularitities, of each quadrant, thus being: in the social quadrant, one added 03 positive points for reply in the alternatives: 01, 03, 05, 07 and 10, and point in the alternatives deducted 01: 02, 04, 06, 08 and 09, indicating success if the results will be equal or superior the 09 points; in the affective quadrant, point for positive answers was added 01, being that resulted equal or superior the 08 points they indicate success; in the professional quadrant, point for positive answers in the alternatives was added 01: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07 and 09 and point for positive answers in the alternatives deducted 01: 06, 08 and 10, thus equal results the 05 points indicate success; no longer I finish quadrant, the health, it deducted 01 point for positive answers in 01 alternatives 11 and 13 and added point for given positive answers in the excessively alternative ones, of this equal form resulted or above of 09 points they indicate success in this area. It is distinguished that also a fiche with the demographic data of each followed professional of the Term of Free and Clarified Assent was used. Procedures of collection of data The methodology used in this article was the bibliographical research that it served of I assist for the data-collecting and study that already had been made on the cited subject. As well as also a research of field of quantitative form was made, in the Caps/Cisme in a city in the interior of Gois, with 03 (three) professional ones of the area of the psychology of the feminine sex. Being thus Filho and Terence (2011) it says that the accepted quantitative research to mensurar opinions, reactions and habits and attitudes through a represented sample statistical. Moreover, the authors cite the main characteristics gifts in this type of research: he corresponds to a preset plan, with objective to enumerate or to survey events; he uses the theory to develop hypotheses and the 0 variable; he analyzes the relations between the 0 variable for experimental or half-experimental, controlled techniques for severity; he confirms the hypotheses or discovered by deductions; they use data that represent a population specify (sample); he uses yourself of structuralized, elaborated with closed questions, answered questionnaires in individual interviews, as instrument for the collection of data.


– There are genes that have genetics, and argue with it is very difficult, we are programmed to die. But is this true? It's true, but not all. After all, scientists, referring to it, determined that the natural life Rights may be 120 years old, and it at least. These same scientists have argued that old age and ultimately death – are inevitable. But the question is, when age and when to die? There is such a thing as "premature aging" of the human body. AND this is due to the life he lives.

And, of course, by that person. In many ways, the reason for this lies in the human environment, ie, in society. It is artificial, created by man, it's easier just to live. Here only it is quite "aggressive". Here we are about ecology, sociology, stress, tempo, rhythm of life. And of course, that public opinion about human longevity, as described above.

There is another, important aspect. Thanks to advances in science, medicine, and managed to cope with the various epidemics (plague, cholera), the system of vaccination, antibiotics – maintained and allowed to grow for many generations of people. All this led to the fact that people began to live longer than in the past, but in the end, a new problem – the rapid aging of the species population. The elderly, and elderly, to become more and more. This is not a contradiction to what was said at the outset. "The elderly and advanced "age, in terms of public opinion, because here we are in the age of 60 – 70, and in rare cases 80 years, but certainly not 120 years.

Science Soul

It determines until certain point the studied problems, the way of exactly studies them ede the language to be used to speak regarding the problems, and to perceive helps them that all the things are consequences of essencialmentearbitrais decisions taking for people much time backwards, but of what necessariamenteinerentes to the proper treat subject. WHAT Psychology IS PSYCHOLOGY is a science that tries to search resources, looks for to understand the man, its behavior, for it facilitates convivnciaconsigo proper and with the other. They intend to supply subsidies so that it knows lidarconsigo exactly to it and with the experiences of the life. It is, therefore Science doComportamento, understood this in its ampler direction. Valley to stand out not only queentendo behavior as external reactions, but also comoatividades of the same conscience and of the unconscious one, in a indiretamenteobservvel plan.

The existing controversy with lathe does not interest our study the multiple quarrels etoda of word same behavior or of objetoe definition of Psychology the important one is that you understand what it deals with. Its object has varied throughout the time and its daily pay-histriaconfunde with the proper history of the Philosophy. In the etimolgico direction, seriacincia of the soul or the study of the soul. It was from there that the Greeks start its speculations. They found that all human being possesss one against incorporeal part of the body, of ondeprovinham the psychic processes, of I celebrate which it would be only mediating. During centuries, it was studied as of the soul that Psychology existed. Brusconeste disruption concept if gave with the filosofofrancs Ren Discardings (1596 – 1650), whose theory of the dualism psicolfisico-distinoentre the body and mind-impregnated the ideas of the time and influenced all posterior Psicologia. Discardings considered, that the eramecanicista animal behavior, that is, obeyed the reflected action purely. From there oconceito deanimas without mind.


The narcisistas if consider special, bonanza and justified in if concentrating exclusively in the personal gratuity. Characteristics: The individual that possesss narcisista personality, if becomes by itself stubborn, presents grandiosidade, necessity of admiration and empatia. The narcisistas seem not to have humildade and being in, without they need to give much return. If they feel deserving waiting social recognition without assuming no responsibility; they not only tend to lack of empatia as well as make little case of the others, in insensitive way use the others to promote its proper desires personal. Diagnosis: A evasivo standard of grandiosidade, necessity of admiration and lack of empatia, that starts at the beginning of the adult age and is present in a variety of contexts, indicated for at least five of these criteria: 1) Huge feeling of the proper importance (for former; it exaggerates accomplishments and talentos, it waits if recognized as superior without commensurable accomplishments),2) Concerns with fancies of limitless success, power intelligence, beauty or love ideal.3) Beliefs of to be special (institutions) special or of condition elevada.4) Requirements of admiration excessiva.5) Feelings of intitulao, that is, possesss expectations irrationals to receive a treatment especially favorable or automatic obedience ace its expectativas.6) exploring in interpersonal relationships, that is, takes off proper advantages of others to reach its objetivos.7) Absence of empatia: reluta in recognizing or identifying with the feelings and necessities alheias.8) Frequent feels envy of other people or believes to be white of the envy alheia.9) arrogant and insolentes Behaviors and attitudes. Consideraes Final: It is important to stand out that the item above serve of base so that the individual or somebody that is next it looks aid of some specialist or of a psychologist so that thus it has a correct diagnosis, we do not have basing in them on only some words to say something on the life of somebody, is necessary that it has interview, psychological evaluation and that everything this