Science Soul

It determines until certain point the studied problems, the way of exactly studies them ede the language to be used to speak regarding the problems, and to perceive helps them that all the things are consequences of essencialmentearbitrais decisions taking for people much time backwards, but of what necessariamenteinerentes to the proper treat subject. WHAT Psychology IS PSYCHOLOGY is a science that tries to search resources, looks for to understand the man, its behavior, for it facilitates convivnciaconsigo proper and with the other. They intend to supply subsidies so that it knows lidarconsigo exactly to it and with the experiences of the life. It is, therefore Science doComportamento, understood this in its ampler direction. Valley to stand out not only queentendo behavior as external reactions, but also comoatividades of the same conscience and of the unconscious one, in a indiretamenteobservvel plan.

The existing controversy with lathe does not interest our study the multiple quarrels etoda of word same behavior or of objetoe definition of Psychology the important one is that you understand what it deals with. Its object has varied throughout the time and its daily pay-histriaconfunde with the proper history of the Philosophy. In the etimolgico direction, seriacincia of the soul or the study of the soul. It was from there that the Greeks start its speculations. They found that all human being possesss one against incorporeal part of the body, of ondeprovinham the psychic processes, of I celebrate which it would be only mediating. During centuries, it was studied as of the soul that Psychology existed. Brusconeste disruption concept if gave with the filosofofrancs Ren Discardings (1596 – 1650), whose theory of the dualism psicolfisico-distinoentre the body and mind-impregnated the ideas of the time and influenced all posterior Psicologia. Discardings considered, that the eramecanicista animal behavior, that is, obeyed the reflected action purely. From there oconceito deanimas without mind.