Wash Lacunas Tonsils

The tonsils themselves are small, smooth, fasoleobraznye, pink bodies located almost at the entrance to the larynx. This is in good condition. And if you have inflammation or after, the tonsils may form scars, bumps, lumps, matching with the palatine arches, and as a consequence, there are holes in the amygdala, or the so-called gap. In these gaps, particularly in acute illness, accumulated pus, desquamated pieces of epithelium, food. Just like in the picture. And turning into lumps, blocks the gap, creating an atmosphere of decay and decomposition, favorable for the development of almost any disease. With a large number of septic congestion in the gaps of the feeling of a foreign body in the larynx, for some people there is even bad breath, but worst of all, the slightest scratch or minor injury of the mouth or throat leads to the spread of infection throughout the body.

And if the pus from the clogged gaps into the blood stream, we can expect anything, but in the first place: dental pain, cystitis, pyelonephritis, tonsillitis, sinusitis and other consequences of infection. So for owners of chronic tonsillitis, regular washing of the gaps – such as a necessary procedure, as brushing the teeth for everyone else. You can wash in a standard way – producing a jet or furatsilinovoy saline from a syringe without a needle into the gaps. But for this procedure must be well to see where to direct the jet, so that alone make this problematic. Much more simple and affordable way had reinvent itself. If you do not know where the tonsils, then dipped in a solution of the index finger furatsilinovoy inspect the sides of the larynx.

And there may be sooner or later discover, bean-shaped organ – the very amygdala. And if it is hilly, and, God forbid, yet firm – urgently needs to wash the gap. For this purpose, perfect cotton pads or just fleece. Prepare a salt solution (1 tbsp. Spoon on 1 tablespoon of water) or solution furatsilina (2 tablets 1 cup of water). Cotton pad gently torn in two more thin disk and one of them winds tip of your forefinger. So that the nail is not in any case, neither had the opportunity to break through the defense and damage cotton fabrics. AND "Cotton fingers", dipped in a solution with the power presses down on the amygdala in upward direction. As a rule, then padded already seen the first results of washing the gaps. It is not necessary to detain them for their opinion, the change cotton wool, moistened his finger again and already outline the amygdala on the surface, pushing and squeezing. Thus the amygdala can process up to several times. At least as long as the fleece from the procedure will remain clean. Please note that the best do: bakposev throat (probably the tonsils vyseetsya some kind of infection), try a conservative treatment with medication or in case of failure discuss with your doctor can remove the tonsils. Washing of the gaps in the home certainly less uncomfortable procedure than the same thing, but in the hospital or clinic, but this is not the solution, but only the elimination of its consequences. So you'd better pull myself together and solve the problem of tonsillitis and tonsil wash gaps seriously and permanently.

American Heart Association

A figurative expression of the American surgeon Lilliheya, myocardial infarction, referred to as "black smallpox XX century". In fact, these global statistics are not encouraging. Thus, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 2 / 3 deaths from cardiovascular disease among persons aged 45 to 64 account for more than coronary heart disease and especially heart attacks. In the U.S., for example, die of a heart attack about 600 thousand people per year (Data of the American Heart Association), in France the victims of this disease each year are 200,000 people, of whom 50 000 die suddenly or in the early hours of the disease. In Moscow, myocardial infarction affects annually average of 3 out of 1000 men over 40 years. Throughout the world, recognized that in our country very well organized and well-developed protivoinfarktnaya service.

This includes early hospitalization of patients, special department, where apply the latest methods of treatment, and finally, rehabilitation patients. Much credit for creating the service belongs to the famous Soviet scientist: N. Anichkov, A. Myasnikov, P. Lukomsky, E. Chazov, IK Shhvatsabaya and their students.

Thus, therapists have done a lot for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction. Relatively recently, the treatment of these diseases are connected surgeons. In article describes the work conducted at the Department of Vascular and coronary surgery, which is headed by Prof. D. Knyazev (Institute for Clinical and Experimental Surgery, Department of Health). Beginning Surgical treatment of acute myocardial infarction beginning in 1972 the department of vascular and coronary surgery patients enrolled AM This 52-year-old man were struck by two main arteries that feed the heart. M. 60 tablets to take nitroglycerin in the day, but no drugs have not helped. January 20 the patient developed acute myocardial infarction. It was decided to operate urgently. On this day our department kept a serious examination: and Prof.


Permanent whistle, water humming, noise, loss of concentration and balance. These are only some of the symptoms that declare who suffer acfenos. Beyond the visit strictly speaking to the otorrinolaringlogo to realise the corresponding studies and to be able to find the treatment that better adapts the patient, the alternative medicines also present/display solutions for those who suffer this disease. One of that it has worked with more success is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a millenarian traditional medicine technique China, that tries to recover the health of the patient and to palliate the pains, through the insertion of needles in certain specific points of the body.

Acupuncture nonspeech of individual organs, thinks but them like part of a whole, and the ears are not the exception. Acupuncture for acfenos considers that the ears are the place of confluence of all the meridians and therefore, are related directly with other organs of the body like the heart, the liver, vesicle, the spleen and the kidneys. Acupuncture for acfenos also divides to the patients in two types. Those that present/display the chronic disease of a sudden and unexpected way, and cases. For first, having better capacities to restore forces and assets and control damage and shorter treatments. In the chronic cases, a wearing down of the organs is generated that causes that the treatment is longer and the recovery perspective will vary according to the degree of answer of each patient.

This way, acupuncture for acfenos uses the insertion of needles to improve the circulation of blood and the operation of the organs. These insertions are realised not only in the local points (around the ears) but also in the distales points: back, thorax, hands and feet. Acupuncture is a treatment that generates lightening in the ailments of those who suffer of acfenos. And also it can do it by you. There is a well-known method little but very effective that is guaranteed to cause that the acfenos disappear it stops always. If you want to read as I personally managed accidentally to eliminate the acfenos, you do Click Here.

How To Fight Depression

You get a feeling of guilt for not shown activity in a new working day, family problems prevent sleep? Such a mental disorder like depression, has some features for example: depression more common in female population, they become public skate. Depressive Disorder these days are so common in France in patients with mild depression do not give Sick. Increasingly described disorder tends to spread, to become the norm of civilized society. It is worth noting that approximately one third of depressive disorders should be fashion. Some of the young women suffer from depression just as they have a desire to visit the shops of fashionable clothes.

In general, medicine, depression made by the triple recognize the symptoms. The first thing you should pay attention, because it's on reduction in the overall mood, which appears pessimistic setting to life. The range of mood disorders ranging from mild sadness to a physical sensation of "stone heart." The second symptom of depression – reduction motor activity. The person in this state is slow. He himself is a state perceives as weakness, lethargy, fatigue. The third symptom, completing the triad – a slowing of thought. For some it may be confusing, and you ask "What does this mean?" My answer to mental health professionals indicator tempo of your thinking – this, as well as response to questions addressed to you.

A person suffering from depression, said slowly and quietly usual; he does not notice, but there is always around to point to it. Subjectively, the slowdown in thinking you can evaluate how to forgetfulness, impaired concentration. Classic triple features, of course, can often occur in a person's life. Moreover, bad mood you can visit several times a day, accompanied by the loss, mourning or event in your life. Therefore, usually referred to depression status up to two, three or more months. To understand whether you have developed depression, the above symptoms may not always be enough, so you should bring a number of typical symptoms of depression: Depression can be defined to reduce libido, and increase feelings of guilt.

Teenage Alcoholism

Statistics of teenage alcoholism According to statistics the majority of students in grades 6 already gained access to alcohol: not only the tried and bought their own alcohol-containing beverages a variety, as well as wine, beer and Champagne. Many children and adolescents enter into the alcohol by their parents and older relatives. With age, adolescents become more and more alcohol, and 11% of students in 8th grade are at risk for developing alcoholism. K 11 class 39% of students drink alcohol weekly, which leads to the development of adolescent alcoholism. The consequences of teenage alcohol abuse effects of regular alcohol use in adolescence significantly serious and dangerous than alcohol dependence in adulthood. The effects of alcohol at a time when there is growth and development of all vital systems and functions of man, leads to terrible results. Here are some of them: – high blood pressure, tachycardia, etc.) – the deterioration of bone tissue, in particular, the development of disorders of the spine – kidney and urinary tract (urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis) – early start sexual life leads to a weakening of sexual function, infertility and inability to bear and give birth to offspring – in emotional disorders.

Treatment of adolescent alcohol abuse treatment adolescent alcoholism carried out by traditional methods, including coding of alcoholism. But there are certain features of the treatment of alcohol dependence in porostkov. An important aspect in the treatment of adolescent alcoholism is timeliness of diagnosis, to avoid serious complications. Teenage alcoholism is difficult to treat, because at this age can not use many drugs. Treatment better iprovodit hospital under mandatory supervision of physicians (including therapists).