Is There A Life Beyond The Fifty?

Dozens who beyond the fifty by the economic crisis lost his job, has become invisible the labour market and the magic number 50 for the labour market. “Too young for retirement and too old for the employer”. So what is there? One moves into the no man’s land. Okay, one possibility would be there, it lays down the sofa and wait till you die (a very bad alternative, finally it’s still good). Or you tackle interesting topics with which it dealt extensively “the disenchantment with politics”.

There is otherwise nothing to do, write applications, which done nothing out man by the way …kommt anyway. So you start to thinking about his country and the deficits. You have so much time and reads the newspaper every day, although I must say, there will be a breakfast bad about the spiritual outpourings of our politicians. Every day a different moron schemes a new nonsense. “Heavy ster wave”, oh what he swung great speeches before the elections more gross from net. Well I didn’t notice his pink promise purely and nonetheless he’s doing mischief in addition to our beloved Angie (meant ironically). More and more we are driven to ruin and none in the country strorrts. Where are the good old days of 60ziger? We went there on the road and it was a demo after the other.

The population of Germany advocated for their rights and freedom. Have we become too tired and lazy, to fight for our ideals and future? As I said, magic, which makes’s a fifty is there if no jobs more there? You could engage in bank robberies, for example, or apply to the Talliban. Really blatantly, if you think about it, what everything leads if you have too much time left. I no longer keep still for my part and was the mouth, me too much trouble, but which is worth me when it comes to our children’s future and oppressed people. You can no longer put the head in the sand if you can see how to economize with our tax dollars. It There is the purest Verschendungssucht in the upper circles, billions are inserted in the foreign country and squandered and poverty widespread in his own country. And the hand is held up again, the new Sparpacket by Merkel is the sheer derision on every citizen of this country. “We all have to tighten again the belts”, I hear this hypocritical set it as long as I can think. Not are meant to the people upstairs, but once again, and just because they can not deal with money. Every German household earns his income for the month, with which he must do himself. Or not? So it should be in politics as are handled, once in a year there are public funds and with the must run werden…mehr does not exist. They draw further from the full, should be prevented. Our country representative, as they call themselves should be paid only after performance. The people are happy, he is rewarded for his good work. There is nothing that the people there’s only a Hartz IV set. So it educates children eventually also, so that they become to responsibility-conscious adults. Contribution to the think! Sonny Miller

Increase In Rent And Service Charge Settlement

Rent increases make right safe and properly settle have lettings tenant and landlord agreed a lease of the index, then they should keep the price index in the eye. The Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden calculated that monthly. Right now, where tenants are confronted with high arrears, it happens frequently that statements about lettings provided lawyers and tenant associations. The course will be set in the lease. Obtain rental housing are allowed only on the price index for the standard of living of all private households in Germany”. The increase in rent is calculated as follows: new index level: alter index level x 100-100 = percentage increase. Incidentally, if the index goes down, the tenant may require the reduction of rent in the same ratio.

However, landlords of a reduction can prevent easily. Like that which is possible for modernization and more works, as rent can be adjusted after rent prices or compare rental, more landlords in my landlord Guide Money with rent increases”, Thomas Trepnau, the experienced author and owner trainer. Landlords are often insecure, which operating costs to the tenant must be killed. Right now, where tenants are confronted with high arrears, it happens frequently that statements about lettings provided lawyers and tenant associations. Are the costs of rot or landlord legal expenses insurance levy-capable? Must assume the lessee the cost for the disposal of bulky waste.

Smallest defects often lead to long-term trouble. This can be avoided. The best protection is a correct statement. Read how that creates, in the just released, freshly printed new edition of my book with your tenants expect from! “Operating costs, the second rent”, as Thomas Trepnau, or visit my costs workshop. ” By Thomas Trepnau previously appeared: the secret of the damp wall reduction in rent ISBN 978-3-98-130490-9 more money with rent increases ISBN 978-3-98-130493-0 count off with your tenants! Operating costs, the second rent ISBN 978-3-00-031155-0 V.i.S.d.P and your contact person: Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg E-Mail:

If One Day We Fall

If one day we fall, we are because we did not know well where we were stepping on. It is because we did not see the size of the hole our front. It is because we try (and this was an error only ours, of plus nobody) deceiving in them, decorating with flowers the places for where we pass, but that they do not make to florir nothing beyond anguish. If one day we fall, we are not because somebody knocked down in them, but mainly, because we ourselves we were the executioners of our fall. It does not have that to blame nobody, much less that to exempt of guilt some, but if one day we fall, is because we did not have solid bases to continue as we were. Today we are torn into pieces, to the cacos, to the prantos, in the darkness We are left, waiting one better hour to smile, one better skill to live, one another heart to love. We search in go for answers, but we fall without knowing to ask the certain questions. It is not simply questioning in them, ' ' why ns' '? But yes, we must ask, ' ' so that ns' '? If one day we fall we are because the life was in knocking down little by little, day the day, dying to the few, but renascendo of other forms (not as we needed, but as we could).

If one day we fall we are necessary one day to raise. Of the same skill not of? Then we move In the skill of speaking, in the way to look at, our distrust to feel (because we have distrust to even love again? to suffer to everything another time? We will not obtain to more aguentar the pain of the solitude that aches more to each fall). We change ours cut of hair and our attitudes in everything. Ours ' ' nos' ' they sound more bitter and perhaps therefore we hear little invitations and questions of the people From there it is the sensation to be disappointing the people who more we love in the life (of our skill? an imperfect feeling). At last If one day we caimos, we can we ourselves raising in them. In the multitude or the solitude With the word of the temptation or the salvation He depends on as we hear when we fall, or we feel when we try to raise

Key Something

During the past five years I spent part of my time to understand what they do most effective seducers to achieve the results that get and I discovered that despite superficial differences that exist between the gurus and super stars of seduction, basically there are similarities that are key to becoming a great seducer. In fact, if we go further down the rabbit-hole, we realize that all the people who are good at something they share certain characteristics that make them good that they do. This applies to many things, like walking, understand and talk. You see, the reason why I am talking about subliminal seduction and natural seduction in this article is because actually natural seducers, which are best seducers in the world, share something that has to do with the way they communicate. When you communicate in certain ways generate much more desire, and this has to do with the unconscious, for example, when you think of your desire to succeed with women and you amplificas that desire, you realize what are the elements that make you know that success with women is something you want if you compare that with something you are not interested really, for example to buy 300 trucks of ice cream. Note as the way in which yourself show it is different. There is the key to your power to create desire, which means that if you know how you intensificas your desire for what you have front, you can do the same with any woman having front and I guess you can imagine what result regular thing is that the human mind is very powerful but we use very little of its potential (scientists say we only use 5 %(, what I se is that many people not concerned with controlling your own mind). When they hear the term mind control, many people are frightened, as if were something bad to learn to control your own mind.

Windbreaker Jackets Are Perfect For The Transitional Period

Windbreaker jackets are used for optimum protection against too cold, wet and windy weather after the summer 2010 has ensured with its extreme heat that people as possible were wearing as little clothing on the body, consideration must be given to and of course a little in the fall. It is but still clearly too warm for proper winter jackets, and also in the normal winter clothes feel not really. Wind and rain make cold but often significantly for a simple T-Shirt. At this time, windbreaker jackets are the perfect complement to the other outfit. The windbreaker jackets are very thin and light and therefore hardly warm. The material is however from the outside water and wind resistant and thus protects against unpleasant autumn weather.

In contrast to the outside, the inside makes a small amount of liquid, so can, if it should start sometime under the jacket easy to sweat, sweat without problems after outside off. Earlier, many compared with the windbreaker jackets had the prejudice that it is is a pure commercial jacket and she has to offer nothing. A few years ago, the windbreaker jackets just fashionable got a completely new significance. Windreaker jackets were “cool” in a short time and the many different models designed a plethora of companies. Today there are windbreaker jackets from colorful to monochrome, shrill to dull and top modern old school. Well priced, the span has grown significantly. There are still windbreaker models for almost 20 euros, now there are also a large number of jackets that cost far beyond one hundred euro! Even if these models may be of the quality and or processing are a tad bit high, as at many fashion items, that the main factor of the price is the appropriate company name. But no matter whether you much or little money want to spend you can find fashionable Windreaker jackets that are optimal for the transitional periods in autumn and spring now in all price ranges.