Tell a wonderful story. Once I go out of the institute on the main street. A few words about myself. I am a girl slim, nice finish college. I live with my mother, my mother is an accountant in a construction firm. In general, zheiznyu normal. So, I go down the street and coming towards me is middle-aged woman is so happy and smiling.

Comes closer stops and asks what's up at the institute, how are you my mother? And I look at it and did not understand. Before me stands a modern, beautiful young woman and asks questions as if we are familiar with. Intellectually I understand that this is probably my mom with a familiar, but I can not find out. Automatically respond to her questions, and try to remember who it. The person is young, well-groomed skin, no wrinkles, eyes shining and comes from all kind of self-confidence, her whole appearance radiates health and energy.

And suddenly I was struck by a shock. Yes this is Aunt Tanya, my mother's friend, and together they I studied in college. I like this: "Tanya's aunt, is that you can not believe that the metamorphosis has happened to you? We have not seen all year, and you become younger as 10 years. "" "Genia, all the way – says Aunt Tanya – I really changed over the last year, I'm young again! I like this: "Tanya's aunt, and what chip? Compared with the Mama You're just a young virgin, just super. " It is this: "Genia, the secret is that I was advised Photostim unique product. For a year I took two courses of the drug and this is the result before you. Besides the obvious cosmetic effect considerably strengthened and health, many were sore, I feel fine, energy to spare. " The drug acts on cellular level and is very effective, especially in terms of "female" disease (see details on). Arriving home, told my mother about the meeting with Aunt Tanya. Word for word and thought and what mom is worse? Bought Photostim, my mother also took two courses. A year passed. The result exceeded all expectations. Cosmetic effect of a stunning, 10 years is gone, wrinkles smoothed out. Mom says it's not the drug, and the surgeon without a scalpel. And my mother said that the transport and work began to catch on itself looks very interesting, even men. That's a remarkable story. A product can be ordered at Photostim or. Art. Consultant Eugene

Diets To Lose Weight Or Burn Fat

In these days has been the imperative of maintaining a healthy, slender and athletic body. For this, many men and women have been subjected to strict diets to lose weight or burn fat that promise to bring down many pounds in a short time, without health care. When we go to our bodies undergo a dietary change must think it is a change of life, therefore, we must prepare ourselves psychologically to make this change successful and long lasting, this change must be in for life. We must not despair, since the weight loss process can last a few months and there are no diets to lose weight or burn fat that are magical, as some say there. Weight loss means to adopt a new mode of life, to: make our hormones work correctly increase our endorphins sleep better lower our levels of anxiety reduce stress increase our energy this translates into increase our self-esteem to feel good every day.

Who hasn’t done a diet to lose weight that we feel bad, without power, wanting of eat us the world?, that’s what precisely we want to avoid with this new change. We must start as I said earlier, changing our psyche, focusing on positive thoughts, you stand up front of the mirror and say: if I can, I will achieve, and it comes to visualize your body at the end of the road, should not think that we perform diets to lose weight or burn fat, but in a new way of life. We must then discard those foods that are in our pantry and refrigerator which have led us to fatten, such as sugars, processed foods high in fat, biscuits, cakes, etc. And begin to acquire healthy foods such as fruits, proteins, dairy low in fat, carbohydrates high in fiber, vegetables, legumes, are going to leave these low-calorie meals for any occasion such as a birthday, meeting, etc. The breakfast is very important since we are going to provide the energy that we need on the day, we must include our carbs and much protein, as for example, a sandwich, toast or any Another carbohydrate that you like with ham, cheese, eggs or tuna. Carbohydrate is going to decrease the anxiety at night and protein makes us feel satiety, breakfast should eat until more than satisfied. For lunch and dinner we must include protein, vegetables and salads, none of carbohydrates.

We must take 2 snacks, one at mid-morning and a half late, or if you prefer, one in the afternoon and another at night after dinner; These snacks include: dried fruit, yogurt and low-fat cheese, gelatine and sugar-free puddings, chocolate without sugar. We must change the sugar in our food and drinks by sugar substitutes such as splenda, stevia, maltitol etc. If we want to lose weight more quickly should avoid simple carbohydrates, sugars, saturated fats, when we get to the desired weight you can’t begin to include these foods 1 or 2 times a week. In addition to diets to lose weight or burn fat we must include in our daily routine cardiovascular and high resistance exercises intensity, at least 20 minutes a day, going to speed up our metabolism and produce us sense of well-being by the released endorphins which will allow to reach our desired without sagging weight. Original author and source of the article.

British Medical Association

The answer is a resounding Yes, as it has been demonstrated conclusively through extensive studies throughout the world and by independent councils, health that offers a vegetarian diet is much healthier which includes meat and animal products. This is true for all ages and the different types of vegetarians, from children to adults, and includes pregnant and lactating women. Studies have found a direct statistical correlation between the consumption of meat and vegetarianism and as these foods increase the health benefits or how decrease it. The likelihood of developing chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, obesity, kidney disease, osteoporosis and cancer, is greatly reduced between vegetarians and vegans up to forty percent. Along with these statistics and favorable news, the possibilities of extending the years of life can increase significantly. Due to these benefits, health insurance companies usually offer discounted rates to the vegetarians and vegans.

For decades, the idea that a vegetarian diet lacked protein basic to healthy eating was common. As more information has come to light about the benefits of being vegetarian, the misconception of the public has changed. It is already clear that vegetarians can get enough proteins. Not only it is easy to have a balanced diet, if not that the idea that this requires a special effort if you are vegetarian or vegan is very exaggerated. The concern appears when the diet is limited to a few foods, as it is the case in many countries of the third world where rice, for example, is the staple food. In industrialized countries, however, where people eat a variety of foods every day, eat too much protein causes the same effects as eating very little, even for vegetarians and vegans. The British Medical Association (BMA) was the first institution to shed light on the many benefits of a vegetarian diet in a report in 1986.

About the based on a large volume of research, it was concluded that not only vegetarians tend to have a cholesterol lower, also significantly reduces cases of coronary heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer, gallstones, and large bowel disorders. The World Health Organization (who) offered their own findings on vegetarian diets and vegan in a 1991 report. WHO not only confirmed the results of the BMA if not that also found that diets rich in meat and dairy products promote diseases such as osteoporosis or low bone density and renal failure. The report openly criticized governments that promote the meat and dairy products as the necessary nutrients and bases food, urging policies more vegetarian based on the vegetarian food pyramid and relegate to the animal to the condition of optional products. The positive results of vegan and vegetarian diets have also been reported by the Association dietary Americana (ADA), which is among the list of its major protectors. The ADA is one of the most respected tables worldwide in advising dieteticvo. For more than two decades, the international medical evidence has supported vegetarian diets and vegan, which have been increasing overwhelmingly, and their originals are not discussed at today and real benefits. Original author and source of the article