Therefore, high-quality children's cosmetics is very light and gentle. It is generally used mostly natural ingredients – beeswax, oils and extracts plants, and maintenance of synthetic ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin, are minimized. So, for example, children's perfume made without the addition of alcohol, and child lipstick contains 5-10 times less pigments than the lipstick for adult women. Particular attention is paid to the product packaging. It must become not only a fun toy for your baby, but to ensure its safety. Thus, For example, it is very important that the child did not harm the applicator eyes as does the shade, and not injured by shrapnel of broken bottle.

Therefore, many manufacturers make the shadows that are applied to a finger, and bottles of perfume produced from a girl plastmassy.Nuzhna cosmetics? I think the answer to this question will become obvious to you, if you remember with what delight and interest to your daughter looks a dressing table. The question here is quite not that she is beautiful without makeup or not – cosmetics for her – it is a whole new world, a sea of positive emotions, a favorite game that will never get bored. Makeup can help baby learn from childhood to look after themselves, to develop sense of style, to follow fashion. But the girl did not go painted in the manner of a clown, you must immediately explain to her that all necessary measure. Teach her to use lipstick, shadows, painted nails – the good, baby cosmetics is washed off easily and without too much discomfort can carry out any experiments! In addition, there is one significant advantage – buying a daughter of children's cosmetics, you will be able to protect from destruction your own! What As of skin care and hair care, here the answer simple – children need special children's facilities as they address specific children's skin and hair. For example, children's shampoos and shower gels must not irritate not only your scalp but also the mucous glaz.Pravila use cosmetics as a rule, make-up is available for girls older than 3 years. Before that age is not recommended to use it, because the skin has not yet formed. If the baby has skin problems (such as a tendency to allergies), it is better tested before use purchased funds in a small area of skin (wrist).

Use makeup often and for long periods is not recommended. You can allow the girl to direct marafet solemn occasions, such as an evening dinner. And be sure to wash off all makeup at night! In our childhood, there were not many things, and so we tend to relate to new products with a share of mistrust and suspicion. But as time goes on. Allow your children to be stylish and modern! Donate them a little joy!