Commercialization Proteins

BRIEF description of the project: the medicinal plant of insulin can be planted in any wet or dry, place on Earth, in climate in our country is produced with success in the Amazon region, in valleys and hoyas the Andean region or Sierra, as also in the region of the coast or coast and in the Insular Region or Galapagos. This plant produces leaves, stems, cortaza and adipose tissue that heal over 200 diseases and through research it has been shown that treatment with good results, the pains of bones (arthritis), desinflama liver and kidneys, pancreas; also regulates cholesterol, triglycerides, relieves and cures diabetes, making normalization of the blood circulation. The leaves and different organs of this plant has been used in medicine ayurvetica of India to improve diabetes; numerous clinical studies show that leaves lower levels of sugar in the blood (Glycerin) and increases insulin free. The production of 1 metric ton assumes costs of 500 million dollars in the case of Humanized insulin, but in the case of insulin obtained from plants only would be $ 100 million. On the other hand, experts estimate that the current costs can mean a patient, can be of the order of $60,000; While with the price of insulin from plants like our vegetable insulin project proposal it could be reduced to about $6,000. Do the following derivatives obtained from vegetable insulin:?Dry leaf ground tea of insulin funditas.?Dry leaf whole and dried in bags or boxes.?Shell fresh vegetable insulin.?Preparation of injectable pancreatic juice?Preparation of purified extract of insulin.?Production of synthesized protein of vegetable insulin.?Production of insulin by cultivation of bacteria protein hormone.?Production of Humanized insulin.?For purifying recombinant proteins production.?Production of numerous proteins with lengths ranging from 9 to 1,000 amino acids.?Production of proteins structurally simple or complex?.Production of subunits with disulfide bridges (as it is the case with insulin).?Production of insulin inhalers.?Production of insulin pills.?Production of proteins as the Apo A1.?