Hotel Safety

Specificity of security in the hotel business is simple. Typically, the hotel is a separate multi-storey building with one main entrance and several office. In addition to residential rooms in the building often located restaurant and bar, game room and beauty, sometimes the casino. Typically, several floors are reserved for business purposes: it placed the administration of hotels, private offices, conference halls and meeting rooms. On other floors are residential facilities. Thus, the main difficulty in designing security systems hotel linked to the chaotic movement of a large number of visitors.

It is necessary to comply the main condition. A set of measures should not only provide customers with the hotel and its staff to protect against possible accidents, but also allow them to feel confident, relaxed and comfortable. Hotels as objects of security are fundamental differences from the industrial and sensitive sites. The administration is very interested in creating the image of an "open house" from providing preferential treatment for the maximum number of guests, so that any security device should not draw the attention of visitors, but at the same time, provide a sense of personal safety and comfort. Hotels, most often found in the city limits, in an environment of active movement of vehicles and pedestrians. The system passes to the hotel and the rooms should be as simple and not create great difficulties for the guests. In relation to the hotel complex the concept of security includes not only protection from professional attacks, but an even greater extent, the creation of preventive measures to protect against fire, accidents, unreasonable interference with the personal and business lives of guests, staff abuse, and other factors of discomfort. In addition, the optimal solution in the field of security should help to improve the technology of hotel services.