Appetence or repulsion certain foods appears as a result of sensory changes and by the chorionic gonadotropin hormone production. It is the scientific explanation of the known cravings. You can have desire to eat certain foods, as I also reject by others. Decrease in blood pressure relaxation of the wall of blood vessels, by the presence of the hormones of pregnancy, determines its expansion and consequently the pressure drop. Dizziness and fainting may occur dizziness and/or fainting as a result of the decrease in blood pressure by the hormones of pregnancy. Increased urinary frequency due to the increase of bodily fluids, like blood and other fluids, which are present during pregnancy is greater filtering of the kidney and thus voiding frequency.

In addition, as the pregnancy progresses, increases the size of the uterus and bladder which is in intimate contact with him, gets congested by determining a need for frequent urination. Menstrual delay It is the most typical sign in women with regular menstrual cycles. Pregnancy tests can be made immediately before the first day of delay. Increase in body temperature the progesterone, a hormone that is secreted in large amounts by the corpus luteum of the ovary, determines an increase of one degree at normal body temperature. If you’ve been recording your basal temperature you can notice that the temperature remains the same the day that rose as a result of ovulation.

Enlargement of the abdomen in less than 12 weeks pregnant, is not due to the presence of the uterus, but to an intestinal distention by trapped air. Pelvic pains are due to congestion and growth of the uterus. The sensation is similar to the proximity of menstruation or pain experienced during the same. Constipation and flatulence progesterone, hormone that is secreted in large amounts by the corpus luteum of the ovary, determines a slowing of intestinal transit and as a consequence also produces flatulence. Surely you’ve already recognized one or more of these signs and symptoms in your body. So now you do not have more than read what are the are the diagnostic tests for pregnancy where you will find what you can do to confirm pregnancy and when to do it. Get to work! The anxiety that catches you is unimaginable even don’t have the privilege of being pregnant?