Twilight One

(If you never if inebriated of joy with the solitude of the quiet dawns, you do not lose its time trying to understand what I am saying. He comes back toward its Harry Potter or he binds the TV and he one more time sees the Whistle Saints or the Datena. If you, made hen, sleep and rope early early If (o) is not gotten passionate by the House, if (a) for the Dexter is not fascinated If it does not suffer from chronic sleeplessness, if she is not depressive and lightly suicidal, it forgets what I say, valley to go more you to a landlord and to catch a DVD of the Twilight. If it does not obtain to see the value of a life defames, then, to make what, it continues looking at for proper umbigo Even though this is the thing more defames that a person can make). A time had said that I had to look for to treat my sleeplessness and to cure my depression, one and another one, chronic.

I tried. But the life lost the favour and the inspiration Calmantes is demons in pill form. Nor of sunny mornings the spirit of the man only lives, more valley for it a sleeplessness night that ten mornings sunny. I do not fear the solitude of the eagle that flies solitary, I fear the commotion of the pardais To the light of the day I am a being disconcerted and without skill. At night I blossom; of day homesickness mount. Of night I ramble smiling for the labyrinths of the soul Of I despair me to day, I cry and I sleep. What it consoles me the days they are the memories of the night. Of day I am body, of night I am soul, I am spirit Of day I am one, of night I am another one.