Medical Nutrition Department

Nutritional medicine in practice – digital current CD-ROM for prophylaxis and treatment of nutrition-related diseases, proven plant nutritional medicine in practice digital”appeared in the third edition on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM contains two programs, which greatly facilitate the dietary advice in practice. By the full-text search within the integrated, comprehensive about 5,200 pages electronic book, it is possible to find all sites on a particular topic quickly and clearly to enumerate. Also, some of the articles are linked to faster follow remarks or cross references. The second program on the CD-ROM is a dietary Assistant which can be used to the eating habits of patients collected and created a food log, and analyzed. That produces a comparison to the D-A-CH reference values with two different calculation tools, working program. The eBook shows the importance of nutrition in formation and progression of diseases and provides insights into customized therapies of nutritional medicine. It provides a unique overview of the very topical issue of nutrition”from a medical standpoint that so that the doctor or pharmacist in case competently and effectively can advise the patient.

The eBook is not a textbook, but a highly relevant reference without much chemistry and confusing exotic details. The plant is designed as a electronic version of the printed version for everyday use in the doctor’s Office. About the editor Prof. Dr. med. Habil. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld oftentimes addresses this issue.

OLAF Adam is metabolism and nutrition with a focus on physician and nutritionist. He was a long-time Director of the Medical Nutrition Department at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat (LMU) in Munich. He was previously city centre in Munich for many years senior physician at the medical clinic of the hospital. Prof. Adam is President of the German Academy for nutritional medicine since 2005 and is involved in numerous scientific associations, such as for example the German society for food or of the obesity society. He is editor and author of numerous publications and a frequent speaker in the country and abroad.