My friend, the expert, descended from his truck, was armed with the detection equipment, and with a mood to terminate all in the fastest way possible, asked us to others we telling close to the vehicle while he unfolded his technology. While my friend moved away from us, we were talking of other unrelated topics, making jokes and admiring the landscape, which should be noted was very attractive. My friend made a sweep of the land around the building and returned to us without making any comment on the results that had thrown the appliances, when everyone lived a great despair to know your verdict in this regard, however my friend called me and asked me to perform the same activity that moments before had played with the spirit to corroborate the datathat was still a big unknown at this time. I instructed in the handling of the team, gave me precise instructions for the place of search and asked me to not say anything but up to finish. By then, I already had a version of the place by the farmer. The building was an old barn built of stone and lime, with a very wide walls and vaulted ceiling.

Front entrance of the building there was a kind of well finished corral de piedra, which consisted of a wall circular meter and a half tall with a single entry. According to the peasant, the burial planning within this space which perhaps served some time to gather the cattle. Following the instructions to the letter, I made a sweep around an equilateral triangle around the construction. The detector marked with great force a signal of gold hidden on one of the walls of the building, which discuss the expert at the end of my parcel. My friend told me that actually had marked him the same and in the same place.