Injured Soldiers

Around the incessant shooting, bombing, and the wounded bear and bear … Fights are not abated in the next few days. For four days held defense of our guys. The father brought out of the woods Arshaluys game, the mother and her daughters gathered in the forest herbs. Bandages and cotton swabs are not enough, we had to tear underwear, shirts, bed sheets home.

Killed by lethal injuries and loss of blood soldiers were buried in a clearing in a hundred meters from the infirmary. Inconsolable crying Arashaluys for the dead soldiers, and celebrated the grave: the stone at the foot put, the piece of ordnance votknetsya, then put the helmet. … Six months pass defense lasted, abundantly watered with blood. Six months Hanzhiyan family at the behest of the heart, not knowing the rest and sleep as best I could to facilitate the participation of defenders mountain borders, opening the way to the Black Sea. About 2,000 soldiers rest in a clearing in the woods and near.

Half – unknown. The fighting at the pass, taking care of the wounded suffered the loss in Arshaluys merged into one: going to the roar of battle tanks, artillery shells tears, groans of the wounded and the blood, blood … The voices and faces of the boys, cries for help and whisper: "Nurse, help!" 2Mn to some water. Drop. " "Write her mother, either tenderness!" End of life all that remained for Arshaluys open wound … Her psychic wound. When the medical center relocated after the attack had crossed into our troops, remained on the farm Arshaluys Podnavisla work on the farm and look for mass graves.