Methodology Professors

The school is ample spacious with squares poliesportiva, and organized well, however it does not offer great comfort due to structure of the building where it needs urgent a reform, the works with discipline of Geography are of great difficulties thus not having a way of conditions to work as the planning demand due to resource lack. 4 – Hypothesis: As hypothesis for the difficulty in education learning, it has been broken of the estimated one that the reason can be in the formation of these professors who not they possess qualification in the area where they act, therefore the quality of education is low, being thus has a great difficulty in teaching, where the professors search between itself, the construction of its proper knowledge through the didactic book, of the continued formation and planning or studies in group so that they can transmit the pupils. One knows that the professor who possesss a knowledge and a specific formation in Geography has greater easiness in being looking new forms to teach, so that the pupil has greater interest in its lessons and he does not become it tiring for the same. 5 – Objectives: 5.1 – Generality: To identify and to analyze the difficulties in Average Ensino and the formation of the professor in the State School Elvira Saint. 5.2 – Specific: To verify the formation of the professors who lecionam disciplines it of geography in the State School Elvira Saint; To analyze the methods and techniques used for the professors who work with Ensino of Geography; To identify that the complexity of the contents demands professionals with formation specific in the area; 6 – Methodology: 6.1-Method of boarding: The research searchs through a hypothetical-deductive method, to make a survey of the problems that exists in the process education learning through inquiry and comment, making deductions until arriving at a probable conclusion. .