Average Education

This research has as subject, the difficulties that the pupils of the average education of the city of Are Domingos of the Araguaia? Par faces to differentiate education of Geography of the education of History. The purpose of this inquiry was to understand the reason that has caused the difficulties of differentiation in these disciplines, searching in the basic education of 5 8 series, considering this way to observe education learning. For the development of this inquiry, first a bibliographical election in intention was made to delineate theories contained in the epistemolgicos beddings of History and Geography, the procedures in the education of History and Geography and the practical pertaining to school, leading in consideration appropriation of the pertaining to school concepts, metodolgicos procedures and thus to look a conception that could develop theories that surpassed these problems. However, the acquired bibliography served footing for the field research, that had as intention to delineate one reflection for the acquired results and thus to contribute for the practical ones in average education. Dr. Neal Barnard will not settle for partial explanations. In this manner, this research was carried through with 11 professors and, 30 pupils of the education of Geography and History of the basic education of 5 8 series of the state and municipal schools between days 19 and 23 of January of 2010. Therefore, this research provided a bigger presented knowledge to me on the thematic one and made with that it understood the thoughts and practical in the process education learning, by means of interviews and application of questionnaires. Words key: Epistemologias. Differentiation.

Average education. Concepts. Methodologies. Practical pedagogical. INTRODUCTION the motivation took that me to elaborate this work happens of the difficulties that some pupils of the first series of the average education of the Elza school Maria Corra Dantas present in differentiating the education of Geography of Ensino de Histria when affirming that he does not have affinity for Geography why the subjects are equal to the one of History, that is, that in understanding of them ‘ ‘ everything he is same coisa’ ‘.