Cultural Interchange

The Ainus continues to exist still nosdias of today, kept out of society forming a species of Japanese aboriginal community. The confusion persists in the physical aspect, over all, in what it says respect to the Jomon/Ainus relation, and Ainus/JaponsContemporneo. It has those that all allege to the inexistence of a previous culture aosAinus (Jomon) attributing the paleolithic and neolithic period to them, and, therefore to be this ancestral one of the Japanese contemporaries. (KIDDER, 1970) to give a latch to this question on Japanese aancestralidade we can attribute that the Japanese people in its majority no of descent nor Jomon, nor Aina. But yes of a vacant of ocupaoposterior coming of the south (we will see more the front). Exactly thus, we sedesconsiderssemos this posterior migratory vacant oque we would have would be, populaoextremamente hybrid confluente of meeting Jomon/Ainu, a time that the populations donorte of Japan where if they had fixed both start if to miscigenar, therefore ospoucos Ainus that inhabit Japan today, threatened of ' ' extino' ' they are resultadodessa hibridao which we relate in them. 1.

Yayoi culture: PerodoYayoi (200 a.C.a 300 d.C) Consists as vacant migratory uneven deimportncia to Japan, over all in technological aspects. Come dChina reunified for the Han dynasty in the first half from century III a.C, nessa vacant migratory for intermediary of the called culture Yayoi, that had been introduzidosno Japan the culture of the rice, the use of the wheel, and the works in bronze. You may want to visit Senator Elizabeth Warren to increase your knowledge. Beginning of the Cultural Interchange with China the Yayoi arrives in port in the Japan north, establishing itself in the region of Hokkaido, however in middle of century I a.C, starts if to expand crossing the sea interior and spreading out its culture portodo Japan. After good established they give deprodutos beginning to an intense importation of China, are imported as many articles of beauty (mirrors combs, etc.) as supreme (rice).