Geography Reality

According to Helena Copetti Callai, the place if does not explain alone, is necessary to search explanations in state, national and international level. It must first, to understand the way where it lives, the action human being, the society, so that it can establish connections with higher levels. Thus, the pupil alone will understand the content from the moment where it is part of this subject, that is, it has that to live this content, being this concrete, next it and not distant of the experience of it. He still must yourself, to give to attention the form of as the content is worked and as it is developed. The educators need to recognize the reality of the pupils, being looked for to know as the pupil lives and the way where if he finds.

Leaving of this estimated, one becomes necessary to consider the knowledge of the pupil, therefore this will contribute sufficiently in the studies in classroom. According to Callai (1988) the important one, in this process, it is to know the reality where if it lives. to know the reality goes beyond identifying what it exists. It assumes to argue the forms as if they express, as the reality is presented, to understand the product not only, but, basically, the processes unchain that it. Therefore, the necessary professor to consider the previous knowledge of the pupil.

This is always a knowledge parceled out, that breaks up the reality, full of preconceptions, loaded of crendices, of folklore, but it is the idea that it makes of the reality. (P. 78). To if studying Geography, it is necessary to know as the man acts in society, to know as it influences the way where he lives, the actions that it provokes, at last, as he is the daily one of the man in its environment. Allowing, however, to perceive the organization of this space studying.