Agricultural Village Thereza

After dedicating more certain time to the service of the medicine, also developing a research in relation to the cure of the leprosy, from the medicinal effect of New the thermal sources of Caldas in the interior of the Province of Gois, with its recognized work, and the considered results positive. After this Faivre moment decides to join its economies in function of the accomplishment of its project. Ahead I officiate of it carried through and for the approach of this illustrious man with the imperial family, condition that becomes it confidential friend of Empress Tereza Cristina, in who Faivre finds support, somebody that helps to give to consistency its pretension still more, front the possibility of the accomplishment of its projects. Such approach to the monarchs was a facilitador element, Faivre finally gains the concession of the imperial government to establish an agricultural colony in the interior of Brazil, also gains a financial aid of the Empress for the accomplishment of its enterprise. Joining all its economies, resulted from twenty years of Brazilian work in ground, more the aid that the empress granted to it, returns to its native land. In its Faivre thought, it imagined what it came to be the future colony, also leading I obtain an sketch of what it intended to construct.

As we can observe in the image to follow, it had planned to construct houses with two floors with well ample lots, surrounded, probably for the plantation of hortalias and fruitful trees. Croquis of the Agricultural Village Thereza, made originally for FAIVRE and filed in the national library of France. (FERNANDES, Joshua Corra, – Saga of the Hope, P. 178) When arriving Paris, finds the country taken for a great crisis, resulted of missed politics, favoring only the bourgeoisie, and the population with a revolt feeling being obliged to live with crumbs. In way to this reality, Faivre, starts to work in favor of its project.