QUARREL According to Sussmann (2000), the points are joined between itself through called lines meridian that lead for all organism the called energy qui, that it is responsible for the life and health of the organism. In accordance with Fisher (2003), the carriers of face paralysis present ipsolateral hiperacusia, reduction of the gustativa sensitivity of tero previous of the language, beyond paresia of the face musculatura, deaf pain in return of the jaw or behind the ear. To put the specific signals and symptoms depends on the affected anatomical region. The acupuntura is one well defined therapeutical technique in the treatment of face paralysis, but in recent years many researchers have questioned in which period the acupuntura must be carried through. While some emphasize that the therapy must start in the acute phase others certify that the therapy in the remission phase brings resulted more satisfactory (Read, 2007). As Wein (2006) exists some advantages in the application of the acupuntura in relation to another one method conservative as: innumerable possibilities of application; reduction of the medicine use; simplicity of the necessary instrumentation; security in the treatment; complementation of the gaps of the modern medicine and aid in the diagnosis. The acupuntura recently if has become object of scientific inquiry, over all in the treatment of pain, nauseas and vomits, neurological whitewashing of patient victim of cerebral vascular accident, syndrome of the tunnel of carpo, dismenorreia, fibromialgia, chronic headache, lateral epicondilite and lombalgia (Pearl & Schillinger, 1999). Research made in last the 20 years had brought scientific tests of its neurobiolgicos mechanisms, as well as of its clinical applications. Some methods of use of the Acupuntura exist, but its choice depends on the esepecificidade and individuality of each considered treatment. Being a reflected and regulating therapy, stimulating the systems of regulation and cure of the organism and producing reflected answers local sistmicas, inespecficas and general, controlled for superior centers of central control and the systems endcrino and imunolgico (Moya, 2005).