Martins Poet

How much to the visual aspect, nothing marcante of what the final verses of ' ' A&#039 subject; '. agreement to the weight of the immense sign pendulum p and n s what the blood moon espreme espraia tide of for gosma (Max Martins, Anti-Picture) In these verses one more time Max Martins will be used proportionate the visual resources for a peculiar and fragmentary space configuration of verses, making something well next to what they made the concrete poets, however, with a subtility whom its becomes technique lighter e, therefore, less mathematical and theoretical. In them the poet speaks to us of the poetical sign as that sign that is full, loaded of meaning, ' ' sign imenso' ' , and that at the same time it is the painful cross that it must load, therefore the pack of being poet is to have whenever ' ' to fight with palavras' ' ' ' desconfiar' ' of its meanings, work this that does not have hour: the poet already wakes up ' ' to the weight of the sign imenso' '. However, Max is not only limited to speak? in case that it were limited, would be making theory and not poetry? of the poetical word, since at the same time where teoriza, it constructs (it creates) its examples, and in the case in question, the greater, or at least most symbolic of these, are made with the word ' ' penso' ' , which for its proper grammatical configuration already is polissmica, and the author, cnscio of this, work to stand out such characteristic still more, in way that finishes for creating a sign whose ambiguity is impossible to be broken, and nor it must, therefore there deferred payment the wealth of the poetical word: ' ' penso' ' of ' ' A&#039 subject; ' verb is not adjective nor, but yes, the two.