Alcohol And Exercise

How and how much alcohol can affect when you exercise and try to lose weight.On Friday afternoon after leaving the job, you probably think of exit for a few drinks with friends to relax and rest. You may think that you deserve to get out and enjoy a few drinks, only that, there are some things you should know. If you’ve decided to exercise regularly, a few drinks of alcohol really can do you nothing, right? Before deciding to go to the local bar, there are some things then you should think about before making your choice about leaving to drink a little alcohol.Research has shown that even small amounts of alcohol cause muscle hardening and loss of strength. After 20 minutes or so, problems begin to experience is. All the secondary negative effects associated with alcohol outweigh the potential benefits that you may have to remove the alcohol sweating.No matter how see you, alcohol is a poison that can really damage your body if you aren’t careful. The negative side of the alcohol: can reduce strength, strength, aerobic capacity, cardiac recovery, the ability to metabolize fat and even muscle growth.

Alcohol also has a negative effect on the nervous system and the brain. Their consumption in the long term, may cause severe impairment of the central nervous system. Even in the short term, the interaction nerve muscle can be reduced, resulting in a loss of continuous force.GET FUERZAEl regular alcohol consumption causes the inflammation of muscle cells. Over time, some of these cells that have been damaged may die, resulting in a deficit of contractions muscle, important for maintaining healthy muscles. Drinking alcohol also causes more pain in muscles after exercise, which means that it will take you much more time to retrieve you.Alcohol also has many different effects in your heart and circulatory system. When any type of alcohol is taken, it begins one reduction in cardiac resilience.On the other hand, causes digestive problems, as well as nutrition issues. Alcohol causes a release of insulin which increases the metabolism of glycogen, which makes the FAT becomes harder. Due to the interference of the alcohol with the absorption of several essential nutrients, it can cause anemia and a deficiency in vitamins type B.Debido that the liver is the organ that will detoxify the alcohol, more drinking, more difficult will be to the liver remove toxins.

This double effort of the liver can cause serious damage and even destroy some of their cells.Since alcohol is a diuretic, drinking large amounts can duplicate the work of the kidneys. During the diuretic action, the hormones are secreted and this can lead to a greater water retention and to who exercises it won’t happen.If you want to drink alcohol, do so sparingly and never drink before exercising, since this affects your balance, coordination, and also judgment. Think about your health and how to exercise and you will begin to see things from a new perspective.