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The structure of "false" floor insulation is laid over the slab only. Otherwise (with insulation below slab) insulation would lose contact with the bottom surface of the plate after shrinkage of the soil. 'Suspended' floors can also be realized by means of reinforced concrete beams, based on the supporting wall. In between the beams are stacked blocks. Over blocks and beams running peschanotsementnaya screed with a minimum thickness of 75 mm. As the screed is laid vlagoizolyatsionnaya membrane and extruded polystyrene foam (eg, Primaplex). Then, through the cushioning layer finish flooring is laid. There are several ways to place insulation: under the floor throughout the area, along the edges of plates horizontally on the edges of the plates vertically from the inside.

Choosing insulation Key criteria when selecting insulation for floors on the ground: the thermal conductivity. Must take into account long-term rate, which is supposed to have insulation on the expiry of a building (about 25 years) water absorption. This should be as low as possible, for example, less than 0.5% by volume during the entire period of service; strength at 10 percent deformation, water vapor permeability. This indicator is required for the risk of condensation installation simplicity and environmental friendliness: easy, friendly material that is easy to cut to the desired size, is not harmful to health workers. The best indicators listed above, has a thermal insulation made from extruded polystyrene, in particular, plates Primaplex. The following table shows the main characteristics of plates Primaplex. Primaplex LIGHT STANDARD Primaplex 35 45 STANDARD STANDARD Primaplex compressive strength at 10 percent deformation, kPa, at least 150 250 400 Nominal density, kg/m3 30 35 45 Thermal conductivity, W / m C 0.028 0.029 0.030 Water absorption, 30 days,%, max 0.4 0.4 0.4 Scope of Standard load capacities – Housing Average load capacities – High office load capacities – industrial facilities, warehouses, Floor heating insulation is especially significant on the ground floor when we are dealing with a heated floor.