How To Treat Appendicitis ?

If the diagnosis of "appendicitis" is most often carried out removal of the appendix (appendectomy). Antibiotics are beginning to show before the surgery as soon as diagnosed. Some patients inflammation and infection of appendicitis remain weak and do not cover the abdomen. The human body is capable not only to contain the inflammation and get rid of it yourself. These patients feel good about their condition improves and after a few days of observation. Such appendicitis can be treated only with antibiotics.

After a while, the appendix can be removed (or remove). The difficulty is to distinguish appendicitis from a prone to complications. Sometimes the patient does not go to the doctor for so long that by the time of treatment appendicitis with perforation of the appendix has been many days or even weeks. In this case, there is usually already formed an abscess, and perforation of the appendix is closed. If the abscess is small, we can first carry out therapy with antibiotics, however, often abscess drain required. Drainage is usually made by ultrasound or CT scan, you can use to accurately determine the location of the abscess. Appendix removed later several weeks or months after the abscess removed. This is called delayed appendectomy is performed and to prevent recurrence of an attack of appendicitis.