Russian Advertising

For example, during a promo stock in shops , residents of nearby houses with great pleasure overstocked quality mayonnaise and a bonus promo sauce of the same brand. If it were not for the promo campaign, I hardly have bought that sauce because it is much more of the mayonnaise and related sauces by other manufacturers. And the sauce is not for the Russian product, without which it is impossible to cook something tasty (unlike mayonnaise or ketchup). So that the calculation Volgograd advertising agency, carries out the action, was correct – with the bonus mayonnaise sauce was sold within a couple of days. In addition to tangible financial and moral benefits of promotions decorate the city. That's my word of honor nice to look at beautiful girls and boys in cute (often – unusual) costumes (promoforma), which gently (important!) offer different promotional things. They can not not pay attention to these promoters enjoy the interest of the citizens and communicate with these promoters is enjoyable. Last summer, a beautiful young girl in the air lilac dress cruised on crowded streets of Volgograd and allowed to try something tasty, I guess.

What they were cute! Just landing fabulous fairies, my word! A couple of years ago, promotions and other btl activities were only a cavalier imposition of passersby (or customers in the sales rooms of stores) of any rubbish, and caused a very negative attitude towards any kind of promo. Conclusion: btl advertising in Volgograd has reached a qualitatively new level. Now on new types of advertising, which until 2009 in Volgograd, was not. Last year, the advertisement appeared in the elevators and was immediately assigned to the townsfolk anthropocentric forms of advertising. Ie You are going to calm myself but in the elevator and had nothing to do scrutinize the leaflets and – very convenient.

Moreover, the advertising boards in the elevators is hosted exclusively targeted ads: goods and services for individuals. A few weeks ago in the elevator of my house appeared advertising mirror, which also very pleased, so lets enjoy their ethereal beauty and hairstyle to correct during the descent / ascent to / from the native threshold. Mirror located on the advertising slogan of the manufacturer and contact details somewhere in a corner of the reflecting surface, gently and touchingly humble. Another new type of advertising – advertising on the tickets of public transport. Frankly, this kind of advertising amuses me. But! Again, do not fret that a huge plus advertising on the tickets. Remember the ads of a slaughterhouse, where he was described salad recipe is the product of the meat. There's a list of products was listed as the bow, and in the recipe of onion forgotten and instead used carrot. It was funny, I re-read the recipe all the way and my mood after each reading rose by several degrees. That's just the name of the meat for some reason, dropped out of memory. Although, for me, an ordinary layman, it is not so important. The main thing is awareness of that advertising in Volgograd I am not annoying and is a valuable source of information.