More and more often a plastic surgery procedure is paramount on the Christmas wish list. Assurant Health contains valuable tech resources. The request should no longer just be a dream the perfect body. People such as Justin Gaethje would likely agree. Plastic surgery than anyone who thinks Christmas gift, only women want to form a perfect appearance from the hands of plastic surgeons, wrong greatly. More and more men lay under the knife by experienced cosmetic surgeons. More and more men opt for a liposuction on the stomach and the hips. Like combining this intervention with a Botox against the first wrinkles.

Especially in the period from September to April, there is shortage of time in beauty clinics. Because liposuction should run only in the fall and in the spring. After the procedure the patient must carry up to 6 weeks compression underwear, to achieve an absolutely satisfactory outcome. Those who opt for liposuction, should consult before carefully by a plastic surgeon. through. Who see a faint Connective tissue is suffering, is not always suited to liposuction.

Often a skin tightening must be carried out later. If the skin for a liposuction is suitable, only a plastic surgeon can judge. The patient despite advice against on the part of the surgeon should be a reputable plastic surgeon will reject this interference. As always the well-being and satisfaction of the patient should be in the first place.

Luxurious Antiaging

ENERGY OR: The new face care by EISENBERG PARIS for an OSCAR tire COMPLEXION the regenerating anti aging day cream energy OR from the EXCELLENCE line of EISENBERG PARIS gives new freshness, radiance and energy devitalisierter skin just right for an Oscar-ripe glow. Delicate silk peptide, coated with a layer of fine, pure gold, reduce the resulting cell stress by oxidation and give a flawless, radiant complexion. As a targeted cell utilities tightens and the ultra-effective formula revitalises the skin. The mineral trace element complex of magnesium, zinc, manganese and sodium stimulates cell viability and supplies the epidermis with all the nutrients they needed. Ideal as a moisturising base before make-up. Also, it protects the skin against environmental influences and stimulates the cell vitality, the collagen production and elasticity for a visibly improved appearance after the first use: extraordinary results, a radiantly smooth, firm skin of full clamping force. The EXCELLENCE LINE is the result of the JOSe EISENBERG high-tech research, based on powerful and innovative active ingredients of natural origin.

It is a targeted skin care line, which meets even the highest demands, specifically designed for the intensive regeneration of devitalisierter skin of face, neck and eye contour. to the price of 225,00 / 50 ml available source: brand: the brand EISENBERG has already introduced PARIS with their fragrances and toiletries conquered the European market by storm. After intensive research brand creator Jose Eisenberg has unveiled a revolutionary skin care secret with the trio-molecular formula, with whose help the youthful appearance of the skin can be obtained. The mark EISENBERG PARIS ensures with his news again and again new innovations of beauty care. Press contact: press BOUTIQUE SANDRA OBERMAIER HUMBOLDT STR. 53-55/A 22083 HAMBURG TEL: 040-18055345