Diets To Lose Weight Or Burn Fat

In these days has been the imperative of maintaining a healthy, slender and athletic body. For this, many men and women have been subjected to strict diets to lose weight or burn fat that promise to bring down many pounds in a short time, without health care. When we go to our bodies undergo a dietary change must think it is a change of life, therefore, we must prepare ourselves psychologically to make this change successful and long lasting, this change must be in for life. We must not despair, since the weight loss process can last a few months and there are no diets to lose weight or burn fat that are magical, as some say there. Weight loss means to adopt a new mode of life, to: make our hormones work correctly increase our endorphins sleep better lower our levels of anxiety reduce stress increase our energy this translates into increase our self-esteem to feel good every day.

Who hasn’t done a diet to lose weight that we feel bad, without power, wanting of eat us the world?, that’s what precisely we want to avoid with this new change. We must start as I said earlier, changing our psyche, focusing on positive thoughts, you stand up front of the mirror and say: if I can, I will achieve, and it comes to visualize your body at the end of the road, should not think that we perform diets to lose weight or burn fat, but in a new way of life. We must then discard those foods that are in our pantry and refrigerator which have led us to fatten, such as sugars, processed foods high in fat, biscuits, cakes, etc. And begin to acquire healthy foods such as fruits, proteins, dairy low in fat, carbohydrates high in fiber, vegetables, legumes, are going to leave these low-calorie meals for any occasion such as a birthday, meeting, etc. The breakfast is very important since we are going to provide the energy that we need on the day, we must include our carbs and much protein, as for example, a sandwich, toast or any Another carbohydrate that you like with ham, cheese, eggs or tuna. Carbohydrate is going to decrease the anxiety at night and protein makes us feel satiety, breakfast should eat until more than satisfied. For lunch and dinner we must include protein, vegetables and salads, none of carbohydrates.

We must take 2 snacks, one at mid-morning and a half late, or if you prefer, one in the afternoon and another at night after dinner; These snacks include: dried fruit, yogurt and low-fat cheese, gelatine and sugar-free puddings, chocolate without sugar. We must change the sugar in our food and drinks by sugar substitutes such as splenda, stevia, maltitol etc. If we want to lose weight more quickly should avoid simple carbohydrates, sugars, saturated fats, when we get to the desired weight you can’t begin to include these foods 1 or 2 times a week. In addition to diets to lose weight or burn fat we must include in our daily routine cardiovascular and high resistance exercises intensity, at least 20 minutes a day, going to speed up our metabolism and produce us sense of well-being by the released endorphins which will allow to reach our desired without sagging weight. Original author and source of the article.