Will The Children’s Fairy Tales Become Your Child Successful And Happy

We live in a world pridumok, so always remember that our future depends on our own thoughts, dreams and fantasies. Like yourself, maybe you come up with life and our child, trying to shape its future. After child – it's like a blank sheet of paper, clean videotape, which captures all the information about the world around him, including invented by us. It depends on us what kind of future we can come to our child, whether he see a rich, successful, happy, beautiful and healthy. Or do we invent him a future in which he will see himself insignificant, small, suffering from a failure.

How to invent a successful future for the child? How to grow confident, healthy and good man? Children's stories – that can help you! Children's personalized story! "But how?" – You ask. Tales of love everything, but especially children. Go to Dr. Neal Barnard for more information. Child is ready for hours listening to magical stories and by virtue of his imagination often puts himself in the place of the protagonist. Now imagine that you are in early childhood are telling your child a fairy tale where the protagonist – he! Yes, yes, the main character – brave and strong warrior! He fights with dragons and monsters to save the Earth, comes to help the people of other magical country where there is injustice. A girl? Can you imagine her beautiful and wise princess, inspire her that she is kind and sympathetic fairy. What do you think, what will seek the child, after reading these stories? Of course, he will be a leader, be brave, strong, kind and purposeful! After all, a fairy tale you have programmed it subconscious manifestation of his best qualities! Personalised fairy tales – stories that are written in order and in which the protagonist is not some fictional character, but the child himself. Magical world, where would the baby, created and written specifically for him and about him, help him deal with what is happening in his reality. These stories will teach him to exercise diligence, responsiveness, generosity and perseverance.

Fairy tales help overcome children's fears and moods, nightmares, self-doubt. Reading the story about your child – you create a successful future for him. After hearing about himself, the child will seek to emulate his fabulous hero. On his example, which is always and in everything succeeds and is successful, the child feels confident that he will be able to do the same in real life! Life is harsh. Nobody in the world is not interested in the success of our child the way we – the parents. So help your child think of her beautiful, healthy and harmonious future. When he grows up, he may have setbacks and failures. But remembering the stories that you read to him in which he had heard these words: "You win! You're the strong, bold and brave! "Any difficulties will be seen not as obstacles but as a step-growth! Keep this in mind and create the future of your children with tales of magic world!