Property In Spain

Spain rejoices! Black immigrants, fair-haired, tanned and very white-skinned, one and all, drink vino Tinto (red wine) for the health of the Head of Immigration, Marcus Gonzales. Spain stirred twice this year! In July is fun to watch because of the championship football team! Humming fans, simple Spaniards and tourists a week! Holiday city turned into one large Spanish family! Spaniards love their team! Just two days none worked! Only the bars! And in October! And again, like spirits, and fun everywhere! Only in the first case, this event has not affected the prices of apartments in Spain, but in the second case? … Dr. Neal Barnard spoke with conviction. And so, the Parliament made for consideration in addition to the Immigration Act of 2009. As for those he illegally residing in Spain who are waiting for the legalization of residence. Today, to be able to apply for legalization of residence, must have lived in Spain for three years. Marcus Gonzalez said the government decides to go to meet the state treasury, and reduce the term of two years. Thus, illegal aliens, residence permits, legally begin pay taxes and contributions, and the treasury will not spend money for their treatment and education of their children in schools today, when not being residents, they pay no taxes! And with a residence permit (no registration shall not be considered petition!), the state pays for illegals above-mentioned services. Recall that the petition must pass a series of documents that you find on the website Over the years, according to immigration officials Barcelona is on the "residence", have received residence permit for about 90 percent of immigrants, among whom 18% of Russians, Ukrainians 12%! By Ukrainian immigrants in general, the present government is not indifferent! Promise will soon hold replacement of a driver's license! Just go and change! Russians is not even in his sleep to dream! But back to the legalization. It turns out, becoming a resident living illegally in Spain, the family will seek to buy a good apartment in Spain! Mortgage lending in this case they will give no problems of almost any Spanish bank! And consequently, the demand for property in Spain will increase by the summer of 20-30%! So it's time to buy property in Spain on the shore of Costa Blanca!

Elliott Wave

It is important in itself victory, ie, took profit, then won, and how much it is no longer in the foreground. And when will learn to purposefully win to enter the market precisely the right moment, then once you understand the beauty of their victories, and in parallel will increase and your deposit. But do not move to increase the lot and the quickening of open positions. Stay, provide your brain time to rest. After all, ‘the Crown’ inputs should not be much, taking so many error-free profit. This is when you open up the trend in a calculated and wait a moment, and not just.

I have average profits of 10-20 per month. Too much of the work on Elliott wave is difficult and, perhaps, no one will say with accuracy what kind of wave at the moment on minute charts. But the third wave at hourly and daily time frames will not remain unnoticed. It was at this time and should be open warrant. Learn the material on the Elliott Wave is an integral part of the trade! Need to learn how to choose an entry point, wait for the market went down in some of the directions and you have already formed an idea of the what is happening.

Next, you see that the market is overbought or oversold and in any case will roll back, correction. Can play on it, but very carefully (beginner, I would not advise to do so). Do not hurry, and after rollback Come up with the trend. No need to rush to make money. Need not hurry to win. This may help you to tools for trading strategies, indicators that we have on the site. Choose what to their liking. I also use them, and I want to say that without some of them I would not have reached that level, which helped me win. You should always look for a suitable material for their development. This may be the book, the system displays. All this will help you understand this complicated science. But do not be prepared to enter the market, and then blame their failures to anyone and anything: whether the broker or indicators. The reason is always in us. You know the proverb: Technology in the hands of the savage – a piece of iron. And the reason is lack of preparation is very simple – it is laziness and not wanting anything to learn. So, let us not savages, and certainly if you come from trading, then be prepared for difficulties. Must first to work on yourself, try your hand at the demo account. Although we can take cent account, which is even better, because you do not lose a lot of money and everything is real. You will gain invaluable experience! And only a couple of years you will have good results. If you want to be a master of his craft, and learn what you must do it. Not to be unfounded, bring to your attention the table of their labors. Trade is conducted manually (with a good expert You can earn more).