Without Fear Of Being Happy

It does not matter with that, who and as, either only happy, it only laughs, in the way that to find certain, in the correct way that if to feel complete, in the way that if to feel, independent well of right or wrong in the social vision, its welfare this above of any obstacle, does not matter what you love, what you tan, its color, race, culture, sexual option. But it is happy in its way, if renegue to the looks them seconds and trusts itself exactly, God is the power, this above all and all they are perfect and never erra, does not fail with its creations, is faithful to that it creates, and in the way that creates, it is not punishment some different being, each person is as stars, that shine with its proper light, independent in the way that is, the walked one is not easy, is not most good, is hard with rocks in all the way. Prejudiced people exist to each esquina, each one but cruel and cold that to another one, is but also she exists people whom preconception against itself has exactly, that not if accepted and renega its proper nature, is not easy, but this is but that ridicule. as it says the scholars, the preconception alone exists why in the o we create, why in we do not look at total for front always we look at for the sides and we sight the preconception, wanting or it in them does not leave, sad and pssimo badly. It leaves to make what it likes, if hides, never it is silent – why somebody looked at torto for you, not if envergonhe ahead of itself exactly, has pride of its difference, exactly has pride of itself, nobody is better that you only why is equal to the others, is all children of the same father, never deprives its smile or renegue its happiness on account of absurd opinions of idiots, why optimum place to keep the preconception is in the foot, stepping on in it to each step that of. deficient physicists, appearances, do not envergonham themselves and always fight for its rights, never never if inferior to the others feels, trusts you has great merit. blacks are common people independent of its color, are done of meat and possess the strong muscle but of body the heart. gays, lesbians and bi, love its partners, and not if they envergonhem of this, above of all, what valley is to be happy, does not matter as, it only laughs, you is successful to each battle that the life to consider, never does not leave that the opinion of people has weight on its life. you are its bigger reliable source.