Brazilian Society

We live in a country with one patrimonialista politics where the government works in assistencialismo form and not in way to educate the form citizens whom they can more good understand as it functions it schemes publishes to demand its rights assured constitutionally One of the biggest problems of the corruption in our country and the belief that corruption is to steal being that corruption already is a form of government installed in Brazil the system this all corrupted who does not enter in this game does not obtain nor to govern and most of the time it is not reelected. Corruption in Brazil is culture question the society finds normal politician to steal to commit shunting lines for benefits proper illicit enrichment, about the truth the majority thinks that it would make the same thing if it had in the place of them while the society to find jeitinho normal Brazilian to decide the things without punishment or bigger consequences, and possible a bigger control of the money I do not publish. In parents whom one of biggest loads possesss you would tax of the world is not acceptable degradante situation of areas as the education and the health that are white of scandals all the moment, we pay the highest taxes and on the other hand we have a service I publish of pssima quality, we need an active society that folloies and monitorial the politicians who are in the power representing the people. Necessary a society that demands each time more than its representatives a management made with efficiency and effectiveness for the best use of resources I publish so that it can reach an educational level better one better rendering of services of health and culture for the society. When it will have a reform effectively of the mentality of the citizen so that let us can recognize and to value who really works in favor of the society and to severely punish those that had been corrupted we will start to walk route has a better country. An educated society of form to construct its proper thoughts is capable to choose who anger better to direct our country..