National Parks

Vacation in Karelia – what we understand as it is? Karelia – a forest and lake region, where many protected areas, generous of their natural wealth. That and fishing on the shore of the lake, this is hunting for wild beasts, it's quiet and hunting – picking mushrooms and berries, which are so rich Karelian forests. How often you want, throwing away all the worries bustling city, go somewhere far away and just relax in natural surroundings. And Karelia invites you to visit me. Fishing Karelia – one of many lessons, buyout will give pleasure to everyone, and will be alone with nature in its pristine purity. Lakes and rivers of Karelia is rich to all fish species – are found here and bream, and pike and perch, and roach. That can be better than freshly brewed soup on the fire from the newly caught fish! Karelia – it reserves: National Parks 'Paanajarvi', 'Vodlozersky', 'Kalevala' natural park 'Valaam' reserves 'Kivach' and 'Kostomukshskiy'. Karelian villages have kept their traditions, customs and language.

Folk festivals are held annually, which attract many visitors. Vacation in Karelia during the winter – this ice fishing and snowmobile safaris, and just skiing, the mountains, and playing outdoors. Karelian nature will amaze you with its winter beauty. Come to Karelia to the recreation Varozero for a great vacation in the lap of nature!